Bumblebee Stone Tumble


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As y’all know, I love me my coffee. Sometimes I can have a little bit too much and I start to feel all shaken up when isn’t the best recipe for success when you’re trying to accomplish everything on your todo list. If you need a pick me up without all the after-effects give Bumblebee Stone a spin! This stone is all about manifesting energy to work towards a goal. This stone is great for tackle never-ending to-do lists, faking a smile through a meeting that could have been an email, staying up late reading textbooks that you spent $300 on or even putting up with your extended family’s children. Give your vibe some of that sweet nectar that is energy with Bumblebee Jasper.


Let’s talk rough and tumbled! These crystals come in all different shapes and sizes. When ordering from this section, ya don’t get to be as choosey. Don’t you worry your pretty little head though, we will pick out a perfect stone for you. Please also note these are natural crystals and stones from the earth, so they won’t always be perfect.