Live Sale Rules



When a crystal is shown on the live write 'claim' in the comments to purchase.


Please do not comment 'claim' unless you seriously mean to purchase the crystal.


The first three 'claims' (AS VIEWED ON THE C&S ACCOUNT) will be contacted for their payment details.


An invoice will be sent to the first person who 'claims' and must be paid within 24hrs or the crystal will be forfeit to the second person who 'claims' and so forth.


Shipping will be added to the invoice with free shipping for purchases over $75 AUD.


Pick up in-store is also available.


Spill the tea!

How much is shipping?

We have a $10 flat-rate for LIVE Sales shipping. For invoices over $100 shipping is FREE.

I live locally, can I collect my items in-store?

Of course! If your claim is successful we will contact you for your shipping preference. Let us know you'd like to collect your items in-store and it's sorted. Easy!

I didn't see my invoice and now 24hrs has passed?

Unfortunately if 24hrs has passed your unpaid invoice is now void and the items have been offered to the next claimant. We recommend marking C&S emails as safe to avoid being sorted into your spam folder by your email provider.

Where do the LIVE sales take place?

Our LIVE Sales are held on Instagram. You can follow us here so you don't miss out!

How will I know when a LIVE Sale is coming up?

We will always let you know when a LIVE Sale is scheduled via Instagram and email. Make sure you're signed up for both to avoid missing out. It's also a good idea to mark C&S emails as safe so that they don't automatically go into your spam folder!

How does it work?

You can check out the LIVE Sale Rules listed above for more information on how our LIVE Sales work. Dylan will also talk you through the process at the start of the scheduled LIVE.

My Instagram shows that I claimed first but I'm being told differently?

It's a bizarre one we know, but bare with us. We'll do our best to explain... basically your Instagram comments will post instantly on your end but may take time to upload on the collective comment feed. That means we can only take claims in the order we receive them on the C&S Instagram account feed.

I made a claim, when will I know if it's mine?

If you are the first claimant we will message you directly via Instagram the day after the LIVE Sale. If you are the second or third claimant you will be contacted if the prior claimant(s) forfeit. Please allow 2-3 business days for us to contact you.

When will I receive the invoice for my items?

Please allow 2-3 business days for us to process claims. We will contact you first via Instagram to confirm your claim and information before sending you an invoice via email.

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