We got the answers to all your questions.

Do you do wholesale?

No, unfortunately we don't.

What's your shipping & delivery like?

We totally understand that instant gratification of buying something and wanting it immediately (especially when it is a crystal you’re drawn to), but please allow up to 2-3 business days for order processing and shipping.

Please note: Express shipping does not mean express order processing, it only refers to the actual shipping of the goods with Australia Post.

Please note: Each country have their own import tax and duty laws, which may incur additional fees when arriving in your country, please check with your country purchase limits before purchasing, we will not cover this fee when it arrives in your country.

We ship all of our orders via Australia Post. Once your order is shipped, you will receive a confirmation email which will include a Tracking Number.

If you have not received your parcel within ten working days of ordering, or your parcel has arrived damaged, please contact us at care@crystalandstone.com.au

Ethically sourced?

When we started this Crystal journey we knew that we needed to make sure that the materials we sold had the right kind of energy and the places that we sourced from needed to match our values. 
 We looked for kindness, hardworking, compassionate people who cared about the energy and integrity of their product and people. We are happy to say that we do get about 80% of our pieces direct from 4 different suppliers, one in India, Morocco, Pakistan and the other in China. We talk daily with these amazing individuals and know these are sourced to code and safety regulations within their respective countries. The other 20% we get from suppliers here in Australia, they have assured us that their products are ethically sourced as well, but not having the same familiarity, we can’t 100% confirm that. As we continue to grow and develop relationships with our sources, we continue to learn more about them and their practices. Without personally visiting mine sites and watching the process from start to finish it is impossible for anyone to say they are 100% ethically sourced, but we make sure to go above and beyond to make sure our crystals come to you safely and ethically to the best of our knowledge.

My crystal looks like it has scratches and/ or cracks inside of it, does that mean it's broken?

No, not at all. The reality is that CRYSTALS COME OUT OF THE EARTH. They will never be “perfect”… unless they are fake. Having a crystal with unique linage or cracks inside is something that we call “inclusions” they are what make a crystal 100% unique, beautiful and your own. Crystals of the same variety come in varying shades and hues; an example of this is Carnelian, it’s almost always red, but sometimes it can also come in shades of brown or grey. If you want something completely perfect, we would suggest a man-made crystal like Opalite or Goldstone.

Why don't you have printed card with the info about each stone?

Ok gurl, sit down cause I’mma give you three reasons why we don’t have printed cards for each stone.

Reason 1: There are too darn many! We have over 200 different stones and the average order buys at least two or three different types of stones (sometimes up to 10-12 different stones). Your shipment from us already comes with a “Thank You” card… any additional info cards would make it more paper than crystal by the end of the day!

Reason 2: It’s sooooo wasteful As stated above, if we send out a card with each order that is so much wasted paper! Here at Crystal & Stone we try our best (and are always looking to improve) to be as eco friendly as possible (using biodegradable void filler, recyclable/reusable boxes, and reusable bags) so throwing in additional paper that you’re probably going to look at once and throw out doesn’t really match our values.

Reason 3: The Crystaldex If you forgot what a crystal does and would love a reminder, head over to ‘The Crystaldex’ our handy dandy guide to all our stones; including pictures, properties and useful tips to use them.

I’ve had this crystal for months now and i’m not a millionaire yet, what is wrong with it?

Crystals are conduits for energy. You can buy a crystal to help inspire you to reach your goals, but if you don’t do the work neither will it. It’s like buying a treadmill and then never getting on it and expecting to improve at running while sitting on the couch. Crystals are great at helping our energy, but they won’t solve all your problems for you. 

I’m really sick, will this crystal help me recover?

First and foremost, your health care professional should ALWAYS be your first route to recovery. Crystals can help you energetically, but only as a complementary tool to aid in your recovery. We have many stones that are associated with healing, but THEY ARE NOT A REPLACEMENT FOR PROPER HEALTHCARE. 

Can I wash my crystals with water?

Great question, I would generally say no unless you’ve done a lot of research about the type of crystal and whether it can go in water. I say no because many crystals do not react well to water or even humid environments and some can start to dissolve (even by absorbing the moisture in the air). I like to use an air duster to keep them physically clean and Selenite or Moonlight to keep them energetically clean. Also, we advise against drinking crystal water. Please check out our blog about that in the Crystal Corner. 

My crystal mysteriously disappeared/ cracked out of the blue, what does this mean?

In the crystal world when a crystal leaves your life it means it has done its job for you. It has finished its role in your life and now it is time for a different focus or a new crystal. If you find that crystal again then that means that perhaps you need that energy again. Reflect on how things in your life are changing and what actions you have taken or are going to take that would cause a shift in your energy.