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Why White Howlite?

Today we want to shine a spotlight on our BEST-SELLING stone during December 2020 – the grounding, protective and all around stunning white howlite.

Oh hi, howlite are you doing there?

Today we want to shine a spotlight on our BEST-SELLING stone during December 2020 – the grounding, protective and all around stunning white howlite.

So what is it, what does it do, why do you need it and where is the best place to buy crystals online? (The last part of that sentence is definitely rhetorical – Crystal & Stone is the best place to buy crystals in Australia – DUH).

What Does White Howlite Look Like?

White howlite is predominantly white in colour with a striking marbled look throughout. The ‘marbled’ look is made up of fine black or grey veins that stretch across the stone, with each howlite stone featuring a unique pattern.

White Howlite Properties

Most notably, howlite is used to relieve tension and stress, but it is also used for soothing emotions, grounding, protection & truth.

White howlite is also a brilliant stone to use if you’re the kind of person that recites the ABC’s instead of catching Zzz’s at night, as it can help to soothe the mind and get you to sleep.

Is Howlite a Real Gemstone?

Howlite is often referred to as an imitation gemstone because it can be dyed to imitate the look of other gemstone types.

However, howlite is definitely a gemstone all of its own – it is a borate mineral that was first discovered in 1868 in Nova Scotia.

Dishonest Sellers

Beware of dishonest sellers (not us though, we’re your crystal BFFs). While this stone is beautiful in its own right, its porous nature does mean that it can be manipulated by some dishonest sellers to appear like another coloured gemstone.

Some sellers may dye howlite and try to sell it off as other gemstones like turquoise, coral and lapis lazuli, so ensure you only buy crystals and gemstones from trusted stores and websites.

How You Can Benefit from Howlite Stone

With the end of the year often associated with stress for many families and individuals, it’s no wonder that white howlite was our top seller in December.

You can use white howlite in a number of ways:

- As part of Crown Chakra healing;
- Under your pillow to help you get a restful night of sleep;
- In your bag or purse to help you deal with Karen at work;
- Worn as a pendant to heal you during day-to-day life; or
- As part of your meditation practise.

What are the Different Types of Howlite Available at Crystal & Stone?

The shape of the stone you choose depends on how you want to use it to improve and make change in your life.

At Crystal & Stone, we stock white howlite stones in a number of different shapes, sizes and forms. From white howlite worry stones and stars through to the piece de resistance – the white howlite pillar. Or if you’re big into that self-care facial routine, a white howlite face roller will have you feeling like a warrior.

If your emotions are more like a hot air balloon than an anchor, or you’re in need of more than a bandaid to heal some stress in your life, head over to our product pages to check out the stunning milky charm of white howlite.

Or if you want to experience the way howlite speaks to your soul in person, why not head to our Crystal & Stone store in Wangara? We’d love to take you through our range of captivating crystals and soothing stones.

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  • Bethany James
    Bethany JamesNovember 18, 2022

    Howlite is my favorite stone in this season of my life. I wish you guys sold a variety of howlite pendants. Maybe in the future? I’ll be keeping a lookout. :)

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