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Crystals for the Enigmatic Aquarian

If you’re an Aquarius, you’re determined yet open-minded, and you have an unmatched ability to see the best in everyone. What a legend!

Ahhh-quarius. The unique, analytical humanitarian.

If you’re an Aquarius, you’re determined yet open-minded, and you have an unmatched ability to see the best in everyone. What a legend!

Who is an Aquarian?
Date: 20 January – 18 February
Symbol: Water Bearer
Birth Stone: Amethyst
Element: Air

Even as an imaginative, intuitive, and idealistic gem of a human, there’s always something to learn from crystals, which is the perfect excuse to buy crystals online.

So water you waiting for? Let’s dive into the best crystals for the Aquarian in your life.


The Aquarian birth stone is amethyst, so it’s no surprise that this beautiful purple stone is the best stone for Aquarius.

As a crystal, amethyst enhances your intuition and spiritual guidance, helping you to connect within, make those important decisions and bring your mind, body and spirit back into alignment.

Carry your birth stone around with you on a stunning amethyst wire wrapped pendant or enjoy the raw beauty of amethyst in the rough.


One of the notable traits of Aquarians is their notorious ability to disconnect from their emotions, sometimes appearing cold or detached.

Reinvigorate your soul and embrace your compassionate side & feminine energy with a stunning cream moonstone – try meditating with a cream moonstone point to restore your feminine energy instead of relying on the structured, regimented characteristics of masculine energy.


Sometimes in an Aquarians quest to enact change in their life and the world, it’s necessary to call on crystals for calming energy, patience, tolerance and a little bit of luck.

That’s where magnesite comes in! At Crystal & Stone we stock magnesite stones in three stunning colours – blue, green & white.

Blue: Use this stone to take a deep breath and relax as you continue on your quest for change.
Green: Everyone can use a hint of Lady Luck in their lives, so call on the beauty of green magnesite to bring you the luck and patience required to tackle your dreams and day-to-day life.
White: We call this the white noise machine for your vibes – use this stone to rest your energy levels and experience stillness in your mind.

Black Onyx

Working with black onyx will help you to bring about transformation in your life, making it the perfect complementary stone for a change-maker like you.

Pick up a black onyx tumble stone to channel that willpower of yours and release any self-doubt like a butterfly leaving its cocoon. You got this!


No, it’s not a type of diet cola – sodalite is the crystal companion that visionary, intelligent and justice-seeking Aquarian needs in their life.

Wear a stunning sodalite wire wrapped pendant around your neck to tap into your intuition and strengthen your self esteem as you search for answers in your work life or pursue change in your home life.

Buy Crystals Online at Crystal & Stone

If you want to buy crystals in Australia, the best place to find them is Crystal & Stone.

Based in Perth, Western Australia, our team is made up of crystal-lovin’, yoga-practising legends who want nothing more than to guide you to find the crystals your soul needs.

Browse our website to find a range of crystals and stones in a variety of shapes and sizes – we can’t wait to help you find the crystals of your dreams.

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