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The Must-Have Crystal Pieces for a Pisces

Astrology really pisces us off because it left the creative, sensitive and deeply intuitive Pisces sign to last in the zodiac. Rude. While Pisces is the last sign of the...

Astrology really pisces us off because it left the creative, sensitive and deeply intuitive Pisces sign to last in the zodiac. Rude.

While Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, it’s definitely not a sign you can forget.

Who is a Pisces?
Date: 19 February – 20 March
Symbol: The Two Fishes swimming in opposite directions
Birth Stone: Aquamarine
Element: Water 

This water sign is intuitive, empathetic, and inspired, but can become overwhelmed by a wave of emotion, overly trusted and closed off from others.

As THE PLACE to buy crystals online in Australia, our trusted team at Crystal & Stone are here to take you on a deep dive into the best crystals for Pisces.


Well well, water surprise that the best stone for the Pisces sign is the aquamarine.

Aquamarine is the calming and soothing stone everyone needs for a little stress relief, but few more than the Piscean. This crystal embodies the beauty of calm seas and can bring positivity and composure to Pisceans who may be feeling sad or negative about certain situations.

You can buy crystals online in Australia from Crystal & Stone, where we stock stunning aquamarine crystals in a tumble stone format.

What are Tumble Stones?

For the uninitiated, tumbled stones are small crystals and stones that have been placed in a rock tumbler and tumbled until the crystals have a smooth exterior. They are 1-3cm in size and can be used for mindfulness, home décor and spiritual healing practises.


Hocus pocus, you need to focus! Ametrine is a crystal you may not have heard of before, but it is a worthwhile addition to the crystal collection of any Piscean needing an extra push to focus or study. 

Ametrine is the purple crystal baby of amethyst and citrine, two well-known varieties of quartz crystal. This crystal helps the sometimes lazy, unmotivated Piscean to keep focused on a particular task, making it invaluable for high school and uni students, as well as avid procrastinators.

Pick up your pocket anti-procrastinator from Crystal & Stone – we stock ametrine tumble stones that fit discreetly in your pocket, bag or wallet for that push you need to get s**t done! 


This striking orange stone oozes passion, sexuality and creativity. Carnelian tumbles can be used to stimulate and bring out the talented artist within each Piscean, as well as promoting motivation when it may otherwise be lacking.

Carnelian is great for those who may be doubting themselves, as it supports you to overcome your fear, increases motivation, ignites your passion, and arguably best of all, is associated with attracting financial wealth. Cha-ching!


Not labrador - labradorite! This blue-green crystal can help to support Pisceans that are seeking transformation or healing. 

It works perfectly for Pisceans because it strengthens traits that are already strong within you, such as intuition, compassion, kindness and imagination, and helps to combat some of the traits that are your weakness, such as negativity.

At Crystal & Stone, we have a range of labradorite available in freeform – big, beautiful chunks of crystal in irregular shapes that have been polished up just for you! 

Clear Quartz

As a naturally psychic and intuitive sign, Pisces can benefit from the spiritual energy of clear quartz.

Clear quartz works in the favour of Pisceans by cleansing negative emotion and amplifying the positive energy you need erryday. When you’re unmotivated, a crystal like our clear quartz pillar will amp your productivity and energy like a 10 shot espresso taken via IV drip!

Buy Crystals Online at Crystal & Stone

If you’re lookin’ for a locally owned business to buy crystals in Australia, Crystal & Stone is your new BFF.

Check out our website today to find a range of crystals to suit every zodiac sign and vibe – we can’t wait to share our knowledge and collection of crystals with you!

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