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TikTok is completely OBSESSED with a crystal known as moldavite at the moment– however, the best way to describe this crystal is: hectic. If you’re wanting to enjoy the moldavite...

TikTok is completely OBSESSED with a crystal known as moldavite at the moment– however, the best way to describe this crystal is: hectic.

If it were a person, moldavite would be that crazy aunt or uncle in your family who comes to family gatherings and just ruins everything. Within five minutes, they’ve insulted someone, broken something, and made children cry.

So with that in mind, if you’re wanting to enjoy the moldavite craze without the crazy, why not check out our tektite tumbles instead?

Is Tektite a Moldavite?

It is actually the opposite – moldavite is a type of tektite that ranges in colour from brown-green to bottle green.

Tektite and moldavite come from the same family of crystals-that-aren’t-really-crystals, as specimens from the tektite family are believed to be formed when meteorites crash landed to earth.

The term tektite comes from the Greek word tektos meaning ‘molten’, as the molten material of the meteorite solidifies upon entry to earth to form tektites – a natural volcanic glass. 

What's the Difference Between Tektite and Moldavite?

Features of Tektite:

Colour: Found in black, silver, green, and metallic grey hues.
Found in: Tektites have been found in three major areas of the world – south-east Asia, Australasia, North America and West Africa.
Beneficial for: Telepathic communication, fertility and rebirth, connecting with your higher self, improving energy flow and clarity.
Chakra: Third Eye and Crown.
How to Use: Healing grids, crystal healing, meditation. 

Features of Moldavite:

Found in: Moldavites are tektites that have specifically been found in Czech Republic and Slovakia.
Colour: Found commonly in a mossy green colour, with a range from brown-green to bottle green. It can be both transparent and translucent.
Beneficial for: Transformation, spiritual healing, and awakening.
Chakra: Third Eye and Heart.
How to Use: Often as a pendant to stimulate the Heart chakra.

Read our break-down of moldavite here. 

What is Tektite Good For?

Tektite is a great crystal to utilise for those who have a little more experience in meditation, healing and work with crystal vibrations.

Like moldavite, tektite stones also resonate at a high frequency. Tektite can be helpful in improving psychic powers and recalling dreams.

It is also beneficial for clearing negative energy, promoting the balance and flow of energy within your body and helping you to think clearer.

How to Work with Tektite

While normal tektite is a less hectic crystal to work with than moldavite, we still recommend trying out some other great stones and crystals first if you are new to your crystal journey, as powerful pieces like tektite have a strong energy that can really impact someone who isn’t familiar with crystals.

Tektite can be used in crystal healing, to improve fertility, open your Third Eye chakra for communication with the spirit world, and to release any energy holding you back in life.

If you are working with tektite, we recommend you also incorporate a crystal such as black tourmaline, hematite, obsidian, smoky quartz or tiger eye to help keep you grounded and protected.

Buy Crystals in Australia from Crystal & Stone

While crystals like tektite and moldavite are impressive, it is important to remember that the power they hold should be used carefully. Like the great Spider-Man once said – “with great power comes great responsibility.”

If you are new to crystals, our top tip is to come into the Crystal & Stone warehouse to check out our range of crystals and stones, and speak to our staff about what kind of benefits you want from your crystals.

Our amazing team are crystal-lovers themselves, with a wealth of knowledge in using different types and styles of crystals, so they can give you more personalised advice than you could get from TikTok.

Buy crystals online or in-store with Crystal & Stone today with Buy Now, Pay Later options available. Our brand-new warehouse is based in Wangara, Perth and we would love to meet you!

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  • Lila Critchley
    Lila CritchleyFebruary 03, 2023

    Thank you so much for your “Welcome to the family!” note! You have no idea (well, maybe you do!) what it means to get a hand-written note in an order for something you’re going to love anyway….
    You and your team rock (oh dear-sorry for the awful pun…we’re all better than that)!

  • jenni
    jenniFebruary 03, 2023

    I recently purchased a tektite but have recently been having some bad luck since the purchase. Its displayed on its own on a black ceramic dish near front door.

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