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Small Crystals That Pack a Punch

When it comes to crystals, our team at Crystal & Stone believe SIZE MATTERS! Today we want to take you through some of the smaller, incredibly versatile crystal forms that pack...

When it comes to crystals, our team at Crystal & Stone believe SIZE MATTERS!

That doesn’t mean we’re always in favour of the biggest crystals and stones we can find – though we do love a huge crystal – we believe that finding the right size stone for your needs is just as important as picking the crystal itself.

Today we want to take you through some of the smaller, incredibly versatile crystal forms that pack a punch in any crystal collection.

Does the Shape of the Crystal Matter?

Before we run you through a range of small crystal styles, it is important to understand that the shape or style of crystal or stone you choose can have an impact on how you use that piece.

For example, all rose quartz crystals would have the same properties, but you will receive the energy differently from your crystal if you are wearing it as a bracelet compared to using it to manifest your dreams with a pyramid or using a palm stone under your pillow.

Is There a Difference Between Tumbled and Rough Stones?

At Crystal & Stone, we often get asked what the difference is between tumble stones and more natural stones in the rough.

The main difference between these two types is that tumbled stones have been polished, given it a smoother texture and appearance, whereas rough stones are in a more natural, raw state.

We’re of the belief that crystals hold the same level of energy and power regardless of whether or not they are natural or have been polished.

Small Stones

WARNING: We take no responsibility for any increased urges to buy crystals online after you read about what types of small crystals and stones we have on offer. 

Chips: You can’t eat these chips, but my goodness are they divine to look at! Crystal chips are crushed crystals that are commonly used in art, home décor, healing, and cleansing.

Egg: The egg shape is symbolic of new beginnings, fertility, birth, and the miracle of life itself, so it’s no surprise that crystal eggs are a popular style for those looking to start a new venture in life. 

Heart: Heart-shaped crystals are perfect for those wanting to attract love into their life, work on some self-love or activate the Heart chakra. Plus, they look cute AF! 

Palm Stone: These stones can come in a flat shape or in more of a rounded shape, with the idea to bring the benefits of your chosen crystal discreetly to the palm of your hand. Palm stones are great for using as part of healing and meditation.

Pyramids: This style of crystal is powerful for manifesting what you want in life. The sacred geometry of crystal pyramids means that they amplify and focus energy through the apex of the pyramid, making them great for achieving a specific purpose.

Rough: These crystals make for beautiful home décor or can be used in your office to bring the energy you need to get through the day. Some people prefer the natural, raw form of rough crystals for use in crystal healing, so consider how you want to use your chosen crystal before you opt for a rough stone.

Star: Known as Merkaba stars, these beauties are crafted into a tetrahedron star by hand. The star style is commonly used as a healing crystal thanks to its healing and rejuvenating properties.

Tumble Stone: These versatile stones can be used in a range of ways – from meditation to home décor to healing. The smooth exterior of tumble stones makes them a crowd favourite for crystal newbies and long-time lovers alike.

Worry Stone: One of our most popular crystal forms, worry stones are pocket-sized crystals that can go with you just about anywhere. They are small and discreet, with a smooth, polished surface and oval shape that makes them great for rubbing back and forth with your thumb to help calm your mind and energy.

Wearable Crystals

For those who prefer to have their crystals on-hand at all times – literally – wearable crystals can be a beneficial choice.

Bracelet: Crystal bracelets can be used to connect the benefits of your chosen crystal directly with your mind and physical body throughout the day, helping to promote the flow of positive and healing energies throughout. Plus, crystal bracelets are cute AF and make for a stunning jewellery choice.

Pendant: Another stylish, yet useful choice are crystal pendants. These pieces sit in direct contact with your skin throughout the day and can be used to benefit your own body and mind or protect your energy from the impacts of others. It is a great choice as a healing crystal.

Pendulum: Crystal pendulums are useful for helping you to make decisions in life – like the more intuitive, adult version of a magic 8 ball! Your pendulum needs to connect with your subconscious in order to help you answer yes or no questions and find guidance through life.

Buy Crystals in Australia at Crystal & Stone

Small crystal styles are a great way to experience the range of benefits associated with using crystals in your life, without forking out a significant cost.

At Crystal & Stone, we are passionate about sharing the magic, power, and general benefits of rough crystals, tumble stones, crystal pendants, and healing crystals, which is why we have made it easy AF to buy crystals online and in-store.

Shop our range of small crystals at Crystal & Stone today – check out our range on our online store or pop into our BRAND NEW WAREHOUSE in Wangara.

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