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Selenite crystal is a definite favourite among crystal lovers and crystal newbies alike, thanks to its cleansing, recharging properties. While selenite’s most common form is an iridescent white colour, its other...

When it comes to growing your crystal collection, we know it can easy to become overwhelmed by all the different sizes, shapes and types of stones and crystals out there.

Which is why you know that our Stone of the Month at Crystal & Stone, has got to be a pretty good specimen…

ENTER: Selenite crystals

This crystal is a definite favourite among crystal lovers and crystal newbies alike, thanks to its cleansing, recharging properties.

Physical Description of Selenite

The name ‘selenite’ is derived from Selene, the Greek goddess of the moon. And one look at a white selenite crystal will make you understand why it has ties with this goddess – selenite is angelic.

While selenite’s most common form is an iridescent white colour, its other most common colourings are orange and ‘desert rose’. 

Orange Selenite

The orange colour is caused by the presence of hematite (an iron-oxide) within the selenite, which creates a pearly orange or peachy hue. 

Desert Rose Selenite

Desert rose selenite, also known as sand rose or gypsum rose, is a fascinating stone to look at. It is formed over hundreds of years by Mother Nature, with water, wind and sand all playing a part to create the unique rosette look of these crystals.

What are Selenite Crystals Good For?

Banish bad vibes and bring out the best in yourself and your crystals with selenite.

White Selenite: We often describe white selenite crystals as the high-powered pressure washer for the negative energy in your life. White selenite can be used to cleanse entire areas of negative energy – from your crystal collection to the bad vibes coming from the Karen in your life.

Orange Selenite: This crystal has the same energy as your usual selenite, but has the added benefits of potent grounding energy thanks to the inclusion of hematite. It is also known as a powerful transformation and healing stone. 

Desert Rose Selenite: The most notable benefit of a desert rose selenite crystal is its resilient, protecting energy. This crystal is all about enhancing your willpower, rejuvenating your energy, and increasing your self-confidence. 

You can find a range of selenite at Crystal and Stone – we are OBSESSED with orange selenite gridding points and the practical selenite bowls.

How to Use This Gemstone

One of the best things about selenite is that it is so versatile. 

At Crystal & Stone, we stock a range a selenite products, from wearable selenite crystals to boujee home décor that will banish the bad energy in your life. 

Selenite Candle Pillar: Selenite is often referred to as ‘liquid light’ – not just because it’s a great rhyme, but because it is able to clear negative or stagnant energy in your life. What better way to do this than to light a tealight candle in a selenite candle pillar?

Selenite Worry Stone: These worry stones are some of the most powerful stones, bringing a high vibration that can work wonders for cleansing your mind, removing energy blocks, and stimulating healing throughout your body, mind and spirit.

Selenite Large Rectangle Plate: Think of selenite plates as huge wireless energy chargers for your crystals and other belongings. A selenite plate can cleanse your jewellery or other crystals you have used throughout the day, such as tumble stones and worry stones.

Orange Selenite Point: Crystal points are powerful for manifestation – helping you to manifest your desires by channelling the energy and directing it upwards into the environment and universe. Use an orange selenite point to cleanse your environment and affirm your safety and security.

Selenite Pendulum: Need a yes or no answer to a question? Why not invest in a selenite pendulum to help you answer those questions? Pendulums use energy to energetically advise you of the questions you need answers to.

Where Should Selenite Be Placed in the Home

Selenite is best placed by the front door of your home, as it can be used to cleanse any negative vibes you may have encountered during the day or banish the negative energy of any guests to your home.

Take Selenite With You

You don’t need to confine the power of selenite to within the walls of your home!

Why not buy selenite tumble stones or worry stones and take them wherever you will go – way up high or down low, selenite can go wherever you will go. 🎵

Buy Crystals Online Today at Crystal & Stone

With so many benefits to selenite, including its ability to cleanse your other crystals, we would be surprised if you didn’t buy selenite crystals in Australia right this second!

At Crystal & Stone, we have something for everyone – whether you are new to crystals and need some guidance or you want a one-stop-shop for your collection that offers Buy Now, Pay Later options.

Visit our online store today to check out the range or meet our team (and our crystals) in person at Crystal & Stone’s new warehouse in Wangara.

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