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Take Life by the Horns with Crystals for Taureans

To complement that dependable, loyal, practical, yet kind of stubborn personality of yours, we’ve picked five of the best crystals for Taurus that you can use to heal, amplify certain...

Are you consistently determined to make it to the end of the path no matter what obstacles fall in your way? Are you cool as a cucumber as you appreciate the good of the world?

Of course you are – you’re a Taurus!

Taureans are renowned for taking the time to stop and smell the roses, but they’re also steely and determined in everything they do.

Who is a Taurus?
Date: 20 April – 20 May
Symbol: Bull
Birthstone: Emerald
Element: Earth 

As the second sign in the zodiac – right after head-strong Aries – those born under the Taurus sign are strong-willed, calm, practical, and grounded. 

To complement that dependable, loyal, practical, yet kind of stubborn personality of yours, we’ve picked five of the best crystals for Taurus that you can use to heal, amplify certain traits & reign in others, as well as simply live your best life. 


Bring abundance to your life with chrysoprase. This stone isn’t well known, but you will soon fall in love with its green hues and energy of abundance.

Use this stone to manifest happiness and optimism, bring some much-needed tranquillity to your life or simply enjoy its healing energy.


As the birthstone of Taurus, emerald is one stone that every Taurean NEEDS in their life. 

The emeralds we stock at Crystal & Stone probably look a little different to how you might imagine emerald crystals, however they are just as beautiful.

Emerald is here to keep you grounded and vibin’ with nature, while helping you to also better connect to others. 

The emerald is also known to bring healing energy to your body, especially in areas such as the head, spine, and your eyesight.


The green crystal and stone theme continues with jade; a crystal that will leave you feeling a little less jaded with life.

In China, jade stones are known as yu (precious stone) and it’s easy to see why – it is commonly used as a healing stone to bring calmness and emotional support when its needed most, it helps to protect against negative energy, and can help you to trust your intuition. 

If you’re on the search for your soul mate, jade can also be helpful for attracting love. Who needs dating apps?!


Look, we know that when a Taurean is angry, it’s literally like holding a red flag to a bull – the Taurean is going to go in guns blazing with a bit of a rage. 

This is where calming, grounding stones like kyanite become a GOD SEND. 

Kyanite can help you to remain calm even when a Karen is really grinding your gears, or persevere through stress and tough times. 


Reach out into the deepest depths of your own universe with the power of sodalite. 

Sodalite is the type of crystal that will help you to trust that gut feeling, improve your self-esteem, and promote the importance of the truth, whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

At Crystal & Stone, we have a range of Sodalite crystals, we’ve got stars, points, chips, worry stones, and wearable pendulum a plenty.

Buy Crystals Online at Crystal & Stone

At Crystal & Stone, we’re lucky to have a team of people around us that LOVE crystals as much as we do – if we didn’t, it definitely would’ve TAURUS apart! 

Our small yet mighty team are as determined as a herd full of Taureans that we can find the right crystal or stone for you.

Buy crystals online or at our new Crystal & Stone warehouse! We can’t wait to fulfill your crystal dreams.

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