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Why not rediscover yourself and the magic of your relationship with crystals like vesonite from Crystal & Stone – we promise we won’t tell!

Ready for a stone that will open your heart, improve your trust, and have you feeling more connected to your partner than handcuffs ever could? You need vesonite in your life. 

Also commonly known as vesuvianite or idocrase, vesonite has long been used as a protective gemstone to help balance emotions, aid you in spiritual growth, and promote connection.

As Crystal & Stone’s Stone of the Month for March – try saying that five times - we’re here to showcase how vesonite can take your love, mental health, and connection to others to the next level. 

Tell Me More, Tell Me More About Vesonite

Vesonite is a silicate mineral that is most commonly green in colour, but can be white, purple, pale blue, brown or yellow-green. 

It is a stone that all singles and couples should have in their lives for better communication and trust, with vesonite well known for its links to sexual energy and emotional connection.

History of Vesonite

Vesonite was first found in Italy by a German geologist – in fact, its name is derived from Mt. Vesuvius where it was originally found in 1795.

These days, vesonite can also be found in the Canada, Quebec, and in the US. But you can also buy crystals in Australia like vesonite at Crystal & Stone.

Benefits of Vesonite

We love Love LOVEEE vesonite for a range of reasons, but most of all, we love it because it brings us closer to ourselves and to our loved ones – especially in the bedroom.

Like Marvin Gaye – let’s get it on! Vesonite can help you or your partner to find the right buttons to push (in a good way) and bring a little bit of extra magic and spice to the bedroom.

Outside of special moments, you can use vesonite to find balance in your mind, clear negativity, and better communicate and cooperate with others.

Vesonite Available at Crystal & Stone

At Crystal & Stone, we’re excited to stock vesonite in a range of forms, including worry stones, tumbles, points and pendants.

Worry Stones: We love to use worry stones day-to-day to help soothe your emotions. Vesonite worry stones can be used to deflect and remove negative thoughts and emotions, which can help to ultimately improve mental health.

Tumbles: Make a vesonite tumble stone part of your meditation practises or use it as a healing crystal – the choice is yours

Points: Use your vesonite point as a statement décor piece in your bedroom or as part of your goal-setting to direct your intentions into the universe.

Pendant: If you want to carry around the benefits of vesonite day-to-day, you can wear a vesonite wire wrapped pendant

Buy Crystals Online at Crystal & Stone

If you need a bit of extra oomph in life, vesonite can have you feeling closer to your partner than ever. 

Why not rediscover yourself and the magic of your relationship with crystals like vesonite from Crystal & Stone – we promise we won’t tell!

Shop our website today or find our range in-store at our warehouse right here in Perth, WA!

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