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PINCH ME! Crystals for a Scorpio

We love Scorpios for their fearless curiosity, persistency, self-confidence, and sometimes (secretive) intense emotions. So as a Scorpio, what crystals can you use to your advantage?

WELCOME TO SCORPIO SEASON! Get your sceptical, sexual, strategic caps on to celebrate Scorpios this month.

With a scorpion symbolising this star sign, you might be mistaken for thinking that these striking, independent, and passionate individuals are belong to a fire sign. But in reality, these trailblazers are honest, loyal friends who will help you out in a pinch.

We love Scorpios for their fearless curiosity, persistency, self-confidence, and sometimes (secretive) intense emotions.

Who is a Scorpio?
Date: 23 October – 21 November
Symbol: Scorpion
Birth Stone: Topaz/Aquamarine
Element: Water 

So as a Scorpio, what crystals can you use to your advantage?


Although Scorpio is a water sign, Scorpios can be fiery with a distinct sting. So a stone like Aquamarine is the perfect crystal to bring a sense of stillness, calm, and harmony.

Aquamarine works to tear down the walls that Scorpios put up, helping them to improve the flow of communication, show more emotion, and calm things down when things get overwhelming. 

Black Tourmaline

Tourmaline is the kind of stone everyone should have in their arsenal. A protective piece that works to repel all those negative vibes, like a can of bug spray.

Carry a Black Tourmaline worry stone around in your pocket for protection or erect a Black Tourmaline point near your front door. 

Natural Citrine

Cover me in Citrine, shower me with good times 🎵

The natural warm yellow and orange hues of Natural Citrine make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. This crystal helps stubborn Scorpios to communicate better with others, including partners, workmates, and family, as well as attract stability and wealth.

Citrine tumbles are perfect for carrying around day-to-day.
Rose Quartz

One thing that Scorpios can work on is their jealous thoughts and secretive mentality, and one way to work through those feelings is with a stone like Rose Quartz. 

Rose Quartz gives your heart the support it needs to open up and be more emotionally vulnerable, as well as the ability to love more without being obsessive. 

We love a Rose Quartz heart to bring unconditional love, peace, and affection to your life. Place a Rose Quartz heart on your chest, over your own heart, as you practise meditation.


Sodalite is a blue stone with white flecks throughout, with a beautiful balancing energy to bring your energy back to earth. In moments of jealousy or emotion-charged feelings, Sodalite works to replace those vibes with more rational, calm thoughts. 

We personally love the Sodalite bracelet, as it looks like you’re wearing lots of miniature earths on your wrist. 

Welcome Scorpio Season with Crystals from Crystal & Stone

Hard working, passionate, strategic, and persistent Scorpios are complex individuals who are often misunderstood, but we love them all the same!

Scorpios can benefit from toning back that intensity and being vulnerable with others, which is where crystals can be of benefit!

At Crystal & Stone, we’re all about sharing our love, crystal knowledge and, you know, crystals, with the community.

Keen to dip your toes into the world of crystals or just check us out? View our range of crystals, stones, incense, candles, and more at Crystal & Stone online or in-store today!

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