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Pink Halite

With blush pink tones that aren’t just incredible to look at, but also helpful to quell those mood swings and balance our emotions, Pink Halite is a favourite of ours...

If you’re someone who experiences overwhelming anxiety or issues with self-esteem, you’re definitely not alone, but we want to help you by introducing Pink Halite to your life.

With blush pink tones that aren’t just incredible to look at, but also helpful to quell those mood swings and balance our emotions, Pink Halite is a favourite of ours at Crystal & Stone.

What is Pink Halite?

Halite is known as the natural form of salt that gorgeous pink hue is actually a result of a number of algae species and impurities in the specimen.

Halite actually comes from “háls” – a Greek word that means salt and is created by the evaporation of seawater or a salty lake. So it’s probably no surprise that Pink Halite is often found close to salt lakes and oceans, with some spectacular pieces found in California.

The most interesting part of a Pink Halite cluster is its appearance, featuring natural cube and geometric patterns across each specimen. 

This crystal is associated with the Zodiac signs of Cancer and Pisces – two water signs of the Zodiac.

Benefits of Pink Halite

Associated with personal power, healing, and purification, pink halite is a healing crystal for those needing some emotional TLC.

Some of the most common benefits for Pink Halite include:

  • Clarity – Think more clearly and tune into intuition, increase mental energy.
  • Calming – Become more calm in moments of anxiety or overwhelm.
  • Cleansing – Cleanse your aura and atmosphere of pollutants, negative energy and electromagnetic emissions.
  • Self-love – Learn to see how much of an incredible soul you are. You’re made of stardust and gifted with consciousness and you are so loved!

Pink Halite is aligned to the Heart and Solar Plexus Chakras, which is no surprise given its self-love properties.

Where to Use Pink Halite

Pink Halite can be placed near doorways within your home to cleanse the space of negative energy and to prevent negative energy from entering your sacred space.

However, due to the nature of Pink Halite, we don’t recommend putting it near external doorways, as it may disintegrate with exposure to the elements.

To get the most out of your Pink Halite, you can pair it up with an enhancing crystal like Selenite – which is also a negative energy vacuum cleaner!

How Do You Care for Pink Halite?

Pink Halite is a little on the fragile side. As we mentioned above, our very important tip is to keep it away from moisture, humidity, and sunlight, as Halite may begin to disintegrate! 

Buy Crystals in Australia at Crystal & Stone

Let Pink Halite heal some of your emotional scars so you can realise just how incredible you are – reminding you that YOU are a boss babe! 

At Crystal & Stone, we LOVE self-love (and our customers) as much as we love our collection of crystals, so we have made it easy to buy crystals online and in-store at our spacious Wangara warehouse.

Shop our Pink Halite clusters, as well as other natural beauties, online store or in-store at Crystal & Stone today! 

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