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Celebrate Sagittarius Season with Crystals

Our optimistic, warm hearted, travel-obsessed sign of the zodiac, Sagittarians are forever curious and struggle to say no to others. If you’re a Sagittarius, we’ve got you! Read on to...

Our optimistic, warm hearted, travel-obsessed sign of the zodiac, Sagittarians are forever curious and struggle to say no to others.

On a path of discovery to understand the world and all the people in it, including themselves, Sagittarians are fearless on their quest for knowledge. Sometimes, this pursuit involves some brutal honesty or a know-it-all attitude, which can land them in hot water. 

Who is a Sagittarius?
Date: 22 November – 21 December
Symbol: Archer
Birth Stone: Turquoise
Element: Fire 

Loyal Sagittarians are independent, but their optimistic attitude and willingness to take risk sees them become sought after team members – embracing the Sagittari-US mindset when it matters. 

So if you’re a Sagittarius, we’ve got you! Read on to find out what types of crystals you can buy to give you a boost.


Everyone’s favourite purple piece, Amethyst, is a perfect stone for Sagittarians that are craving a connection to their higher consciousness or looking to shed some of those bad habits.

Amethyst is also your go-to for staying chill and tackling the world head-on with a relaxed state-of-mind. 

Whether you want to go boujee AF with an Amethyst sphere or you want to be practical with a wearable piece like a pendant, there are a huge range of Amethyst pieces available at Crystal & Stone.

Black Onyx

This stone is perfect for grounding and protecting the always-on-the-go Sagittarius. Black Onyx works by allowing your root chakra to cleanse excess energy, which helps with self-control, goal-setting, and protection.

Get your fix of Black Onyx with a Black Onyx tumble – the perfect sized piece to take with you throughout the day.


Excuse us. May we interest you in a divine stone known as Bronzite?

This stone is known for its properties of politeness, courtesy, and inspiration, making it the perfect companion for Sagittarians and literally anyone that works in customer service. We feel you!

Bronzite tumbles are a great stone to keep in your pocket for all those times that the local Karen in your life decides to push your buttons and test your patience.

Clear Quartz

Plug a bit of Clear Quartz into your life to amp up your vibrations AND the power of your crystal collection. Let Clear Quartz replenish some of that Sagittarian energy and put you back on the right path to find your purpose.

We love Clear Quartz because of its versatility; it helps to clear blockages in your energy flow, promotes clearer thinking and aids in your spiritual development. Win win win!

Clear Quartz comes in a bunch of different styles, but some of our best selling styles include Clear Quartz pillars, worry stones, and bracelets.

Natural Citrine

Channel some Justin Timberlake with some literal sunshine in your pocket thanks to Citrine. Natural Citrine was much-revered in ancient times as a stone of prosperity and success, making Citrine a great crystal for manifesting abundance in your life.

Use Natural Citrine to open up your creativity and imagination, boost your Solar Plexus Chakra, and ward off negative vibes.

Natural Citrine comes in both light and dark hues, so it is up to you whether you’re more drawn towards the earthy tones or yellow hues of this crystal.

Buy Crystals Online at Crystal & Stone

Need an excuse to start a crystal collection or add to an existing one? Take this as your sign to start investing in yourself today.

You can find a range of crystals both online and instore at Crystal & Stone, as well as all the information and support you need on your crystal journey!

Buy crystals in Australia today at Crystal & Stone – your crystal BFFs based in Wangara, WA.

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