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Your Guide to Finding the Right Healing Crystals

🎶 When I get that feeling, I want crystal healing, crystal healing, ooooooh baby! Makes me feel so fine.  Today we want to strip things bare and get back to...

🎶 When I get that feeling, I want crystal healing, crystal healing, ooooooh baby! Makes me feel so fine. 

Today we want to strip things bare and get back to the basics to help crystal newbies on their quest for healing crystals.

Crystals have long been used as an alternative means of healing, with their use stretching way back to the Ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia. Since then, crystals have played a symbolic part in a range of cultures. 

With so much information out there around what the ‘best’ healing crystals are, as well as our huge variety of crystals and stones available at (our very cleverly named) Crystal & Stone, we want to give you the info you actually need to know to find the best healing crystals for you. 

So let’s jump right in!

What is the “Right” Healing Crystal for You?

You might’ve come across the idea before that you don’t choose the crystal, the crystal chooses you. Like the Sorting Hat in Harry Potter, the right crystal for you is the one that you have a connection to, not necessarily the one that the internet tells you is exactly what you need.

If you’re completely new to crystals, think about what kind of healing properties would be beneficial in your life. Are you always stressed? Getting over a breakup? Looking for more mental clarity? Thinking about these things will help you to find the healing crystals that suit you.

Most Popular Healing Crystals

There’s definitely no popularity contest when it comes to the crystals we prefer Crystal & Stone because every crystal has its own purpose and we love them all. We’re the proud, sometimes embarrassing parents to hundreds of types of boujee AF crystals!

Below we’ve listed seven of the most powerful healing crystals available at Crystal & Stone, but this is by no means a comprehensive list! If you want to learn more about healing crystals, hit up our team and we’ll take you through the healing properties of a range of crystals.


Colour: Purple hues

This purple-hued stone is a type of quartz that not only works to soothe stress and balance emotions, it also helps to get a good night sleep and boost your immune system. Amethysts come in a range of styles, ranging from wearables like Amethyst bracelets to more practical worry stones.


Colour: Most commonly white/blue, but range includes orange, yellow, grey and green

If you’re dealing with fear, emotional negativity or overwhelm, Celestite is your ‘chill pill’ in crystal form. In addition to this, it is also known as a cleansing stone – both mentally and physically – helping the body to heal from stress and toxins to ensure you’re living your best life. 


Colour: Ranges from pale yellow to orange to gold tones

Yellow is an invigorating colour, evoking feelings of summer sunshine and happiness, so it’s no surprise that golden-hued Citrine brings the good vibes! Citrine can work to uplift your energy, as well as stimulate your metabolism, aid in digestion, and look at the world with a little more optimism.

Clear Quartz

Colour: Colourless to white coloured

A cleansing stone used throughout history to heal the body and clear the mind, Clear Quartz works to amplify and support all the work you’re doing on your healing journey. It is known as a “master healer” due to its uncanny ability to balance energy & emotions and channel it all into getting the best result for you. 


Colour: Most commonly cream white, but range includes orange, peach, blue and yellow hues.

Moonstone is all about embracing our feminine energy and assists us with understanding/balancing our emotions and helps us to connect with our intuition.  It also helps to regulate reproductive organs, making it a powerful stone for those on their fertility journey.


Colour: Most commonly black, but there are other types such as golden and snowflake

An Obsidian worry stone is your pocket shield against negative energy and stress, allowing you the space to self-reflect on your emotions and overcome any of that internal or external negativity – ain’t nobody got time for that! In addition, Obsidian is also great for aiding with digestion, reducing pain, and improving circulation

Rose Quartz

Colour: Blush Pink

This feminine stone is recognised as the stone of universal love, helping you to tenderly heal grief and trauma related to the heart (both physical and emotional).

Rose Quartz also works its healing magic on the broader circulatory system and is also powerful for mothers-to-be or those wanting to increase their fertility. Grab a Rose Quartz heart and embrace the soft pink glow of this healing crystal. 

Get Some of that Crystal Healing at Crystal & Stone

Healing takes time and active practice, but we hope that you can find some additional support, positive vibrations and healing energy in our range of crystals and stones.

So if you’re ready to say goodbye to the bad vibes and step into your best self, get ready to rock your world with a huge variety of healing crystals from Crystal & Stone.

Visit Crystal & Stone in person or online today to shop our huge range of healing crystalsstones and everything in between. 

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