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Get to know us!

Hey guys, Dylan here, co-founder of Crystal & Stone. Jayden and I thought we should make a blog post with a little bit of info about us. I mean we’re...

Hey guys, Dylan here, co-founder of Crystal & Stone. Jayden and I thought we should make a blog post with a little bit of info about us. I mean we’re basically spiritual BFFs now so we might as well get to know each other.  
Jayden and I have been together since 2011. When I was young and wanderlusting around the world, I made my way from basically Winterfell (Canada) to the land down under. My intention was to drunkenly backpack around the whole country and then when my year-long visa ran up, go back home to the tundra. Fortunately for me, the universe had other plans. I started my adventure in Perth and totally by accident happened to be staying at a hostel near the gay bar. I thought “eh, why not” (as we Canadians often do) and gave it a try. At one point, I accidentally (and drunkenly… I’m noticing a pattern now) fell backward into someone tall, dark and handsome (Jayden). We danced, drank, watched lesbian mud wrestling and at the end of the night we went our separate ways. The next day Jayden was kicking himself for not getting my number, but I, however, did. I called him up and asked if he wanted to be my Perth tour guide. We’ve been inseparable ever since, making sure we never stopped adventuring. We adventured around Western Australia and I settled into a nice job; when my visa expired we adventured back to Canada together.  
We maaayyyyy have stayed there longer than intended (totes my fault). Jayden responded to the cold like a cat to water and it was clear that we couldn’t stay there forever. Although we loved the beautiful mountains and pristine lakes, Australia was where we belonged. While I finished my education degree, Jayden worked tirelessly at his job and through a mountain of paperwork to get both me, and our pug Pablo back to Australia (isn’t he a gem…pun intended). It took us four years to get everything sorted and ready to go. During that time we still made time for each other and our wonderful adventures; walking the strip in Las Vegas, relaxing in bliss in Hawaii, and flying between islands on Canada’s east coast. We also, thanks to Canada’s progressive legislation, were able to get married. We had a beautiful outdoor ceremony and reception with our friends and family. When we left, having to say, “goodbye for now” to all our wonderful friends and family who made a difference in our lives, was heartbreaking. Thank god for FaceTime, am I right?  
Once we returned to Australia, we felt the itch to create something new for ourselves. Jayden started his own graphic design business and I started working as a full-time teacher; we also adopted another pug, Gaby. Again, our adventures continued, we traveled to Bali where I got my yoga on and Jayden enjoyed the pool. We traveled back to Canada for a couple of visits to see family, we traveled to Japan and experienced a world where technology and ancient culture combine into something beautiful.  
After a while, we decided that we wanted to create something together (no, not a baby, I mean we keep trying, but doesn’t seem to work for some reason hehe), a different type of adventure if you will. Something that combined my spiritualism and Jayden’s creativity into something wonderful, (kinda like what we saw in Japan). That is how Crystal & Stone was born. This place is kind of a combo of us. Spiritual, yet cool and modern AF. Growing up, Jayden’s Grandma had collected crystals and stones and shared her knowledge with him, when she passed she also passed on her collection to him. Jayden has used his crystals to help aid his mental health through difficult times and surrounds his workspace with cleansing stones such as Selenite, Clear Quartz and Obsidian. I got into spiritualism and using crystals when I was a teenager and have almost always carried a stone or two with me. During my yoga practice and when I meditate, I keep crystals near me that match my intention for the practice, whether that be to boost self-esteem, increase motivation or cleanse away negativity such as Citrine, Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli (and Garnet when I’m feelin’ naughty). It seemed only natural that we shared this positive experience we have had with others and make it accessible to people who are willing to give it a shot.  
Jayden and I hope that when you visit us here you feel the love and respect that we feel not only for each other but, for the pieces that we offer.  
Let today be your best day!
The bloody Arctic...I mean Canada (and my parent's dog Abby)
 Las Vegas... Yes, those are plastic blenders that they blended a drink in and then GAVE IT TO YOU TO DRINK OUT OF! 
Maui, if there is a heaven on earth it's this place
Our Wedding 
Japan (Tokyo)
Japan (Kyoto...had delicious food everywhere)
3 comments on Get to know us!
  • Nikkie
    NikkieNovember 21, 2022

    I loved reading this. I absolutely felt the love walking in for the first time last weekend. Thank you for sharing your journey. See you again soon ✨️

  • EB

    I went to your shop for the first time today, (so my son could buy some stones for his gf), I’m not a crystal or stone fan to be honest, but I have to say I loved your shop, it was a facinating experience and the assistants were amazing. Love the blog too, beautiful story. All the best guys.

  • Laurelle
    Laurelle July 07, 2020

    What a beautiful story, really enjoying getting to know more about you both. I’ve been to you’re store twice now with my son & just love how friendly & helpful you all are.
    Can I also just say, love you’re Pugs & I have a pussycat named ‘Pablo’.

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