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Charge me up! Charging Your Crystals.

So if you’re anything like me, you have a couple of crystals…in each room…and in each pocket. Ok, so I have more than a couple, they make me happy, can...

So if you’re anything like me, you have a couple of crystals…in each room…and in each pocket. Ok, so I have more than a couple, they make me happy, can you blame me. If you’ve been with us for a while or are already into crystals you probably have a couple lying around, but you probably didn’t know that you need to charge those puppies up! Yes, you heard me right, just like your iPhone, or laptop, or vibrator (hey I’m not judging) you have to charge it after you’ve used it for a while. 
Let’s break it down like this, Citrine brings success, abundance, and confidence. Personally, it’s one of my favs to wear every day and as I wear it I feel more confident and I attract success, y’all have seen it on Insta or at the yoga studio. However, the longer I wear it without charging it, the less I feel the effects of it; this is where charging comes in. 
Charging a crystal not only cleanses it of all the negative energy that it may have protected you from (or it may have sucked out of you) but also refills it full of the positive energy that originally inhabited the stone. There are many ways to charge a crystal depending on who you are and what works best for you. I’ll start with what works best for us. 
1. Charging with other crystals: Just like Jayden is better than me at housework, some crystals are just better at cleaning shit up. These crystals are often called self cleansers. Examples of these are Selenite, Kyanite, Clear Quartz and Carnelian. Some of these (Selenite and Clear Quartz) are so good at what they do, they cleanse and charge other crystals that are around them. By placing your crystal on Selenite it can charge and cleanse it. I consider this the lazy man’s way cause it’s like charging your phone in at night and forgetting about it until morning and speaking as a lazy man myself, this is my favorite way. I have a Selenite charging plate on my bedside and in the living room. 
2. Sound: Sound cleansing is a way to quickly and effectively cleanse not only your crystals but also your crib! Using a singing bowl, gong, native flutes, tuning forks or even a bell (I have an old Chinese brass bell). I find one of the best methods is to circle your crystals around you and sound off your instrument of choice to each section. As a music teacher, I can attest to the power that sound can have on the body (put on a 432 Hz meditation song for your kids and watch them drift into relaxation). 
3. Visualisation: Sometimes, refocusing on why you have the crystal and what your intention for it was can help it refocus its energy. Meditating regularly with your stones on a specific intention is especially helpful in keeping them regularly charged. Personally, I do this just for shits and giggles and to use the crystals, I would use another method in addition to this one.
4. Moonlight: They say the moon affects everything on the planet; I mean the entire ocean is pulled by the sea. As a primary school teacher, I can tell you for certain that I can almost map out the lunar cycle by behavior in my classroom. It makes sense then that the vibes given off by crystals are affected by the moon too. Lay your crystals out in a bowl where there is direct moonlight on them and let them sit there overnight.  Bring them back in in the morning and they will be good as new. This should be done during a full moon when the energy is at its strongest!
5. Water: This one is tricky, as someone who feels a DEEP connection to the element of water I would love to cleanse and charge all my crystals in water, especially if I haven’t used them in a while, but (and I cannot stress this enough) SOME CRYSTALS AND STONE DO NOT LIKE WATER. As in, will dissolve or start fuming or disintegrating when exposed to water so please if you feel the urge to wash your stones,  please do a little research first before trying to give them a bath. 
Let today be your best day! 
4 comments on Charge me up! Charging Your Crystals.
  • Eleonora Di Bello-Greatley
    Eleonora Di Bello-GreatleyJune 28, 2020

    My daughter and I were at your store today,
    On Prindeville Drive. A fantastic selection and display.

  • Than Ngoc Duong
    Than Ngoc DuongOctober 08, 2019


  • Noeleen Corbell
    Noeleen CorbellOctober 08, 2019

    I work in a public place and I have found 4 crystals that people have lost, I feel they have come to me for a reason, but I am very unsure what they are, they are kept in a pot at my front door

  • Jodie
    JodieOctober 08, 2019

    I have only just discovered you and your site, I have always loved having crystals in my life, but have found in the last two years they have been a necessity. I have suffered loss both of a relationship and the passing of my father and brother, I just wanted to say I’ve read a bit of your stuff and I love how light and fun, yet still very informative you are so thankyou very much.

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