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Dylan Recommends: March 2023

Around the world March is a month of transformation. Where I am from in the Northern Hemisphere we are slowly entering into Spring, down here in the Southern Hemisphere we...

Hello lovelies,
Welcome back to “Dylan Recommends”.
This particular blog segment came from the fact that I wanted to do a stone of the month blog and I also wanted to do a Birthstone blog, but everywhere I looked I kept finding the same s*** over and over again. Often with random and opposing recommendations for each Zodiac sign that just didn’t make sense to me, so I decided to do my own. These recommendations are entirely based on a meditation, card pull and trusting my intuition each month.
Dylan loves Blue crystals
Around the world March is a month of transformation. Where I am from in the Northern Hemisphere we are slowly entering into Spring, down here in the Southern Hemisphere we are embracing Autumn, regardless of where you are change is happening. Change can be something that is difficult to accept, HOWEVER, necessary for any growth to happen. Don’t worry I’m not going to be recommending any Moldavite to any sign yet, but just know that change doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Alright let’s dive in! If you would like to shop the whole collection head here!
Aries, my little fire starters *cue Prodigy*, you’re going to love this one. This March is all about self-development. I feel like every other sign would view this as an insult, but y’all LIVE for new projects, fresh changes, and learning a new skill. This month, we are going to encourage this self-development energy with a helping spoonful of stimulation. This month, your recommendation is Red Tiger’s Eye. A motivation crystal that encourages us to bring our innate energy to all of our new projects! I’m excited to come to your TEDTalk about everythink you complete this month with Red Tiger’s Eye!
Red Tigers Eye
Taurus, I feel like you’re going to love this one too. For you this month, I pulled Temperance. Twice. Temperance is the card of patience and  as such right now is a time for you to wait things out.  This shouldn’t be too tough for you, you’re the master of putting your foot down and waiting until the time is right. In case you need a little bit of help with this however, I am going to suggest Larvikite. Larvikite, is a crystal that is associated with patience and insight. I also like to use it during New Moons to set new intentions. What wishes and goals have been playing in the back of your mind? What do you want to accomplish this month? Whatever it is, March is NOT the time to rush in like a bull. Take your time Taurus. 
Gemini, I admire your ability to float around and adapt easily to situations. Y’all get a lot of flak but honestly, I think people are just envious of this signature skill of yours. The thing about this ability to climatise your behaviour and demeanour to any given situation is that it makes you able to see things from many different viewpoints. Maybe, this is why they say you have two faces? This month, I see a lot of people from different perspectives looking to you for advice, guidance and leadership. I know this may be difficult for you because you want to please everyone. That is why I am going to recommend Honey Calcite, it is the stone of leadership, responsibility, and resilience. It’s going to be a bit tricky to navigate Gemini, but if anyone can do it it’s you. 
Honey Calcite 
I’m sorry Cancer, but this month we are going to be playing into our biggest cliché, that we are big cry-babies that take everything personally. When I meditated on us all I got was waterworks (no literally, I started crying, like WTF). That’s ok though, dearest Cancer, let the water flow and embrace your emotions this month. Whether you are angry, sad, overjoyed, or envious, feel what you feel to the fullest and you will learn more about your inner self than ever before. To encourage this, I would embrace Moonstone (White Labradorite) and all its flashy glory. Moonstone deepens our connection to the divine feminine, emotions and manifestation of our inner feelings.  It also happens to be our traditional “birthstone”, I WONDER WHY!?
Moonstone Pyramid

Hello Leo, this month I am getting a very similar vibe to Cancer, you’re all up in your feelings. This is not a bad thing, embrace the water a little bit, but unlike Cancer I am not going to recommend that you let yourself be taken out to sea by the tide of emotions. Instead I want you to take a look at WHY you’re feeling the way that you do? Why are you feeling more sensitive than usual? Perhaps looking at things from a different perspective will do you some good. This month I want to recommend you work with Dumortierite, the crystal of wisdom and learning.  This crystal helps us see things from multiple perspective, embrace learning in a different way and better understand ourselves, our feelings and the feelings of others. Look outside of yourself for wisdom this month Leo. 


Valiant Virgos, I am flat out recommending Fluorite for you this month. Why? Because everyone always looks to you for, well, everything! If I think about a sign that has got their s*** organised it’s going to be Virgo, but for some reason you are feeling out of whack, unfocussed and unproductive compared to normal. This can be frustrating and lead to a spiral of feelings inadequacy and self deprecation. Let’s avoid that shall we!? Fluorite helps us focus on what matters, keeping our objectives clear and concise. It also helps us remain optimistic when things don’t go exactly to plan. Remember change is happening and that isn’t always good, but it doesn’t have to be all bad either! 

 Fluorite Sphere

Well, well, well Libra we thought I was going in on Cancer for being a walking cliché, but you this month are the epitome of your stereotypes. Librans are known for being indecisive and this entire month is going to be you so anxious about the changes happening this month that you can’t make your mind up about which way to go, which outfit to wear, what you want for dinner, if you should have invested in Bitcoin, etc, etc.  I want you to unclench your jaw, drop your shoulders down and lower you tongue from the roof of your mouth and take three DEEEEEEEP breaths. It is going to be ok. I also recommend getting yourself some Noreena Jasper. The stone of decisiveness that helps us stand grounded and firm with a decision. Jaspers can be incredibly helpful for grounding air signs like Libra, so grab some Noreena Jasper and smash away those stereotypes this March! 

 Noreena Jasper

This month for you Scorpio is all about fresh changes (no s*** Dylan, that’s what you said in the first paragraph) and that fresh cleansing feeling can be INCREDIBLY invigorating. You should clean out your closet, move around furniture, try a new restaurant on a whim, plan a spontaneous trip! Really the opportunities are endless when you cleanse out old stale energy and replace it with fresh vibes. For you this month let’s go with the freshest and cleanest of all the crystals, Selenite. Cleanse your crystals, cleanse your space, cleanse your whole vibe! 


Sagittarius, you saw everyone doing the love stuff last month and you swerved, dipped and dodged your way around that! However, all your emotional gymnastics are catching up to you and you’re craving a little bit of love-ove-ove and attention. For you, I am going to recommend THE CLASSIC love crystal, Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz is great because even if you aren’t looking for romance, it is still a crystal that encourages self-love, friendship love, family love and yes romantic love if you are really feeling like you missed out in February. Regardless, this pretty pink crystal is going to encourage you to take care of that heart space, you can’t whip and nae nae away from love forever. 

 Rose Quartz Rough

Capricorns, my loves, we admire you and your hard working spirit honey. You normally know what you want and you’re out to get it! However this month I’m feeling like all that motivation is there, but the focus isn't there. You feel up in the air and unable to come down. I mean it's really freaking hard to reach a goal if you can't even see where the goal posts are right? Lets get you grounded and back down to reality so you can see clearly what needs to be done next off your to-do list.  

 Hematoid Quartz Sphere

Aquarius, is has been a TRANSITION for you honey, during your season you asked us to look past what we see in front of us, look beyond…and now we have moved on from your time to shine, to Pisces’ deep and introspective season and asking us to look inwards. For you my darlings, I am going to recommend Rose Calcite. This is the stone of self care and taking care of yourself especially after you gave so much to those around you. 

 Rose Calcite Points

Pisces, it is your season and your time to shine. You are old souls with a deep and beautiful worldview. Yes, sometimes you like to go a little woo woo with your emotions, but it always come from a place of caring and love (and maybe another dimension). For you, I want you to bring that care and hard work that you always seem to carry with you and bring it home. Give yourself that care, relaxation and calm that you deserve. I’m recommending Amethyst for my Pisces as it is the stone of dream manifestation and I can’t think of anything better for my dreamers in their season. 

Amethyst Cluster
2 comments on Dylan Recommends: March 2023
  • Lisa
    LisaMarch 11, 2023

    What beautiful insight thank you so much
    🦋🙏💙 Lisa

  • Teresa Johnson
    Teresa Johnson March 11, 2023

    I’m an Aquarius. I’ve been going through it and the crystal Rose Calcite is exactly what I need right now. I’ve been helping take care of a sick family member who has finally passed away and is no longer suffering. In doing so, I have put myself on the back burner and I needed that reminder to take care of myself too. I can’t wait to obtain this lovely stone and start my healing journey.

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