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Dylan Recommends: February 2023

Being the month often associated with love and Valentine’s Day February can be either fun or triggering for a lot of people. Here in Australia, it is also the beginning...

Hello lovelies,
Welcome to a new blog segment I am going to call “Dylan Recommends”. This particular blog segment came from the fact that I wanted to do a stone of the month blog and I also wanted to do a Birthstone blog, but everywhere I looked I kept finding the same s*** over and over again. Often with random and opposing recommendations for each Zodiac sign that just didn’t make sense to me, so I decided to do my own. These recommendations are entirely based on a meditation, card pull and trusting my intuition each month.
Picture of Dylan being a goofballl
Being the month often associated with love and Valentine’s Day February can be either fun or triggering for a lot of people. Here in Australia, it is also the beginning of the school year and the peak of summer so you have a lot of people who are anxious about the new year, new relationships, big changes and also they are overheated haha!! Remember to be gentle with yourself as you approach all these new big changes. Trust your intuition, your gut always has your own back! Alright let’s dive in! If you would like to shop the whole collection head here!


For you this month I am getting a lot of confidence, not that you need any more you absolute powerhouse you, this may be a good time to check in and reflect as to where that confidence comes from? Is it act to make everyone feel like you’ve got your s*** together or are you legit FEELING yourself? This month I recommend working with Sodalite. This stone is all about confidence and self-esteem building and I’m trusting you to use this power for good mmmkay?
Sodalite Point


Hey Taurus, you doing ok lovely? For you I keep getting the word disconnected. Like you’re feeling that nothing is quite hitting the way it should. You cling to your comforts, but they feel better when shared with someone you care about. For you I am going to recommend Celestite, the crystal of fostering and healing connections. Use this month to reach out to people who matter to you and reach a common ground again. You deserve it Taurus.
 Celestite Geode


You know when there are actionable steps you SHOULD be taking for your health, but instead you ignore them and then look back afterwards and are like…WHY DIDN’T I TRUST MY INTUITION? This is you this month Gemini, it’s time to pull your head out of the sand and instead face those health challenges head on. For you m’dear, I recommend Bloodstone, the stone of reparation, and physical health. This stone gets it’s name from being mostly green coloured with splashes of red throughout it. Use this stone to ground you back to the reality you need to face, that even if you think it’s selfish, you need to take care of yourself.
Bloodstone point 


My fellow Cancerians, they may make fun of us and say we are emotional cry-babies that take everything personally…and you know what, they might be right! We ALSO hold a grudge like a mofo. When someone has hurt you or someone you love, you are more than willing to get those crab pincers out. I know this is really rich coming from a fellow Cancerian, but this month I am feeling letting go of conflict. WE need to let go for our own sanity! I recommend Iolite for conflict resolution and helping communicate with others that we may have some tension with. Trust me it will be better for you in the end to put this behind you, you big softie.
 Iolite tumbles


Howdy there Leo, it’s February and for some reason you might be feeling a little uneasy in yourself. I mean WE know you’re amazing, but sometimes you feel like you are just keeping up appearances. Maybe it is time to learn something new and get out there to try something you might not be good at (for now). I am going to recommend Green Aventurine for you my lovely Leos. Green Aventurine is the stone of opening ourselves to new opportunities, creativity and confidence. I have this feeling you’re going to learn a new skill or hobby out of trying new things.
 Green Aventurine Pyramids


Sorry to start off yelling Virgo but, NO ONE HAS ESP. As soon as I started working with Virgo, Karen from Mean Girls popped into my head being like “I think I have ESPN or whatever”, but the thing is Virgo no one can read your mind. Which sometimes is a bad thing because it can be really frustrating when things don’t turn out how you envisioned it! Communicating can be scary, but often necessary to avoid that disappointment. For you this month I am going to highly recommend Lapis Lazuli. Lapis is a wonderful crystal for communicating, expressing yourself and passing on information harmoniously. Share how you feel Virgo, suffering in silence is SO 2022.
 Lapis Lazuli Rough


Libra, Libra, Libra. I know this month can be difficult for you. As probably the most emotional of the air signs you feel tapped into the conflicting emotions of lovey dovey stuff and stress around this time of year. Like your namesake, you feel like you’re a scale weighing between all these different feelings. I am also getting a weird amount of like, is it guilt? Especially for things that are really out of your control. For you I recommend Angelite. Angelite is a stone of emotional healing. I personally find it’s pale smooth blue colour very soothing when I am feeling anxious or conflicted and I hope it helps you in the same way!
 Angelite Geolith


So, in an incredible turn of events, the ONLY sign that I got any kind of romantic vibe from for the month of February was Scorpio. Yes, I can feel your eyes rolling, but you can’t fool me darling, I know you secretly want to be loved and to love in return. Now I know you’d probably kill me if I recommended anything traditional you rebel so instead, I am going to recommend Carnelian for you cause it’s spicy AF and I hope it brings some fiery passion to you and your love life! Carnelian is a part of the agate family and comes in a variety of banded colours from deep reddish black to pale orange. It looks like solidified fire which is fitting for the fieriest of the water signs.
 Carnelian Worry Stones


Saggis you need to chill out, you’re scaring us. You have so much wild and free energy that sometimes you can become like a wildfire, a little out of control. It’s part of what makes you arguably the most fun sign, but it is also unsustainable. I want you to take some time for yourself to get grounded, take a breath, and just chill for a bit. This time would be perfect for some gratitude practices like writing down everything that happened last month that brought you joy or made you feel good, who was involved and why did that make you feel good. Because I am recommending grounding and gratitude (and you’re one of my fav fire signs, shhhh don’t tell the others) I think you should work with Smoky Quartz this month. I hope it’s earthy energy helps ground you.
 Smoky Quartz Pillar


I thought Libra was divisive, but Capricorn, MY GOODNESS! You either LOVE this month because of the fresh starts and new energy around starting new tasks or assignments, workshops, etc. or you HATE this month because you can’t stand the amount of love hearts force-fed to you. Regardless of whether you are tip tapping your toes with anticipation (say that three times fast) or you want to throat punch every couple you see I think this month is all about patience for you my dear Capricorn. As such I am going to recommend Kambaba Jasper. Kambaba is also known as crocodile jasper because it is about patient strength and waiting until the right moment to strike. Let patience wash over you this month Capricorn.
 Kambaba Jasper Points


Alright Aquarius, it’s your season baby! It’s go time! You are at your peak and we are so ready to sit down and watch that 3 hour docuseries about conspiracy theories that rule the current governmental regime that you keep telling us will “ CHANGE THE WAY YOU SEE THE WORLD”. As this is your season, it is time to get stuff done, you’re on a mission and I only want crystals that are going to encourage that energy! For you I recommend Lemon Calcite to encourage productivity, anti-procrastination and ambition. You can achieve anything right now! Go change the world!
 Lemon Calcite Palm Stones


It’s ok to not be ok my darling, but it’s time to dust yourself off and use that energy to express yourself. You are a creative and this month is all about creativity for you. Unlock it with Pinolith, this wonderful little stone is kind of like the crystal world’s answer to writer’s block. Unlock those feelings and express it in art, dance, singing, or even building something that lets you shut off your brain and pour your watery soul into it.
Pinolith tumbles
1 comment on Dylan Recommends: February 2023
  • Helen
    HelenFebruary 03, 2023

    Thank you Dylan…fabulous for Capricorn..👏👍😘kambaba jasper …have a palm rubstone… that will now….
    accompany me for my surgery on feb13th…
    asked the Universe last night..
    .what I needed to take..?.
    you are an answer to my prayers…
    thank you💋❤️🙏Helen

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