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Dylan Recommends: April 2023

Well, it’s a new Astrological year, meaning we are back at the baby of the Zodiac, Aries it’s your season guuurl! Let’s get excited with that go getter attitude that...

Hello lovelies,
Welcome back to “Dylan Recommends”.
This particular blog segment came from the fact that I wanted to do a stone of the month blog and I also wanted to do a Birthstone blog, but everywhere I looked I kept finding the same s*** over and over again. Often with random and opposing recommendations for each Zodiac sign that just didn’t make sense to me, so I decided to do my own. These recommendations are entirely based on a meditation, card pull and trusting my intuition each month.

Well hello there my babies, it a whole new year, a fresh start so to speak energetically…Well, it’s a new Astrological year, meaning we are back at the baby of the Zodiac, Aries it’s your season guuurl! Let’s get excited with that go getter attitude that a fresh start gives! I personally love this time of the year because of that fresh energy, it’s like we’ve had time to reflect (looking at you Pisces) and now it’s time to get out there and leap first into something our heart feels passionate about…well this is the case for most of us.

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Dylan looking at Selenite
Hello Aries, it’s finally here, your season! You’re the little sparks that kindle a fire, as the baby sign of the zodiac, this season is all about laying the groundwork for new deals, new projects, new extracurriculars, new friendships. NEW, NEW, NEW! One of my favourite part of Aries is their ability to take on everything and anyone who challenges you (GO RAMS!, that was actually my high school sports mascot). Last month we talked about self development, however, when you might off more than you can chew you sometimes find yourself doubting your innate abilities. You spread yourselves thin and doubt creeps in making you think “I’m shit at this, why did I try?” So for you my lovelies I’m going to recommend Pink Tourmaline for you to protect you from yourself! Pink tourmaline helps fight self doubt and that inner saboteur (as Rupauls would say). YOU GOT THIS!
Pink Tourmaline
Hey Taurus, your birthday is coming up soon and we know you’ve already made a bougie list of things you’re expecting to get for your birthday, if you haven’t bought it for yourself already! Last month we talked about being patient and holding back, this month… we are opening our arms and hearts to abundance. You’ve waited your fair share and now it’s time to bring on the good stuff and manifest it (in time for your birthday hopefully). I’m going to recommend working with Green Aventurine for April because it is a heart opening stone that allows us to see opportunity and attracts abundance, success and adventure (I know that last one you can be a bit iffy on, but hear me out). Green Aventurine is calling to you to draw in all that you’ve been waiting so patiently for.
 Green Aventurine Cubes
UNLIKE Taurus, Gemini, it’s time to take a step back. You have been slaying the game, rolling with the punches…I mean you’ve been dippin’, divin’ and dodgin’ like it was dodgeball. This may work for you for a while, but eventually it’s going to  wear you down emotionally. Now is a time for you to be practicing patience and observing how things are going for you: what is working? What isn’t? Who fills your cup? Who can you trust when something happens? Take the time to patiently reevaluate these deep questions this month. For you my adaptable air signs, I recommend Kambaba Jasper, so that you can patiently wait and observe until the perfect moment to make the big changes in your life. Often nicknamed Crocodile Jasper because of it’s green spotted patterning (like crocodile skin).
Kambaba Jasper Geolith 

So, I don’t know if it’s just me, or if other Cancerians find the Aries season so exhilarating. I love the spark and joy and drive that happens during Aries season. I feel like Cancerians pick up on this fiery energy and although we might be water, we just want to celebrate the vibrant energy around this time. It brings passion and excitement! For Cancer this month I am definitely without a doubt recommending Flower Agate (one of my all time favs). It’s a stone that encourages us to care for and chase your dreams. It helps manifest our desire’s into reality like a blooming flower that you nurture to grow.

Flower Agate Sphere

Leo, Leo, Leo…I’m getting a lot of energy that it’s time to ground yourself. That fire energy going around is feeeeeeding you and you’re vibing of that because it is time for you to really work on levelling up. You bring the heat and passion and looks (lets be honest) to the party, but you could do more, be more, burn brighter in a fire season. Look for higher heights with Himalayan Quartz. Elevate your mind and your vibe to a new level by setting whatever intentions into these iconic statement pieces and watch your manifestations come to you.

 Himalayan Quartz Cluster

Dearest Virgo, behind your perfectly plans I am seeing a crack in the ice. I’m not sure exactly what it is, and to be honest I don’t expect you to share it with me; that’s fine I respect your space, but there is something that you NEED to talk about. These is this call for you to work on the inner self and some inner healing so that you can move forward in a space of clarity and focus. For you my dears I am recommending Epidote in Prehnite. This crystal combo is about addressing hurt with unconditional love and looking inwards to heal ourselves. I know you love your independence and I thought Epidote in Prehnite would be the perfect vibe for you to make this healing journey.

Epidote in Prehnite Pillar

Libra you are feeling the heat from this fire season and excited to do something about it, but where to start? You have so many ideas in your head about what you wanna do, but you’re finding yourself a little overwhelmed and a bit apathetic to it all, like what’s the point right? WRONG! Take the ram by the horns and ride that Aries energy into a new passion. For you I am going to recommend Zebra Agate, it’s a motivation stone that encourages and motivates energy to get us up and moving and trying new things. Throw caution to the wind and find a new passion or try something you’ve been to scared to try!

 Zebra Agate Tumble

Whatever Scorpio, you can’t fool me with your aloof, mysterious, sexy, devil may care attitude. I know that underneath that leather jacket-like barrier around your feelings you actually have a big heart. You feel the start of the astrological year too and dream for more, you dream for something extra special, don’t worry I wont tell anyone, but you dream of love that understands you (that can be romantic, platonic or even self love) you just want to be understood for being yourself. Treat your heart to a little loving with Rose Quartz. I promise not to tell anyone you picked out the prettiest pink crystal and ruin your badass reputation. (Xoxo love Dylan, resident Cancerian)

 Rose Quartz Pillar

Ok, so we are all feeling the fire, but for some of us it may be a little too much. Sagittarius, yes it’s a fire season, but for some reason you’re going into overdrive and bursting up flames like a wildfire. If left unchecked you’ll burn everything around you to the ground. I want you to work with something grounded and connected to water. Coral Agate is a fantastic choice for you, it connects you to calm, stable and grounding feelings of a strong coral reef. I think this is the first time I’ve recommended Coral Agate to Saggi’s but I don’t know I’m getting a feeling that we need to just let you simmer instead of boiling over.

 Coral Agate SPhere

You feeling good Capricorn? I think you should. You’ve been feeling motivated and looking to laser focus in on what you need to do to achieve your goals. Do you feel like you’ve met your objectives and goals for the last month? I’m feeling like you have and that it is finally time to indulge a little! Huh? You don’t want to stop? Well, I mean that is typical. Fine, no Garnet for you. Instead, I’m going to recommend Chocolate Calcite. It’s a crystal of stability, decisiveness and calm. Working with it is like that moment of clarity and stability when you take a bite of really nice chocolate and the world kinda stops for a moment and then you’re back and really focussed. That’s the vibe and that’s what I recommend for you…and take a break! GEEZ!

 Chocolate Calcite Tumble

Aquarius with all this fresh energy and new starting, you’re going to want to jump in the bandwagon and stand up, but I need you to be a little careful darling. We know that you’re an out of the box thinker and an advocate, but sometimes when we dive headfirst we forget to look for rocks in the pool. Don’t let yourself get swept away into something too big and too life changing this season that you have to commit to it unless you really have thought it out. This month I recommend Tourmaline for you, it’s not only a cute dog that belongs to me, it’s also the crystal of protection. I want you to take time to protect yourself before you energetically jump the gun.  Be careful of useless causes that will drain you.

 Black Tourmaline Pillar

There are two types of people in this world. People who think with their head and those that think with their heart. People who follow their head are logical, calculating and goal driven. Pisces my dear,  you follow your heart and let your emotions rule your every action. You are passionate, emotional and you manifest your goals based on how and when you feel like it. When you encounter a problem you have difficulty solving you use your heart and sometimes forget the head. No matter which person you are we can all benefit from Prasiolite or Green Amethyst. This stone aligns your heart and your head in the same direction making this a powerful manifestation stone. It opens your heart to the idea of working hard towards your goal and opens your mind to allowing your feelings to drive you forward.

Prasiolite Rough
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