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Crystals for Cancerian Crabs

Cancerians are best known as the sentimental, compassionate, loyal, and gentle-natured humans of the zodiac – yet this side of them tends to only come out after they’ve let down...

As a Cancerian, you generally appear to others with a tough exterior that is hard for others to get past, yet feel as though you want to scurry away into a corner to spend time with your softer, more sensitive side.

Don’t worry, we get it!

Cancerians are best known as the sentimental, compassionate, loyal, and gentle-natured humans of the zodiac – yet this side of them tends to only come out after they’ve let down their hard exterior. If people don’t quite get past the tough exterior, they may interpret the Cancerian as cold or distant.

However, just because Cancerians have a softer side, it doesn’t mean they don’t have a pinch! Cancerians are known at times for being moody, vindictive, and passive aggressive AF! 

Who is a Cancer?
Date: 21 June – 22 July
Symbol: Crab
Birthstone: Ruby or Moonstone
Element: Water 

This emotion-driven zodiac sign is romantic, loyal, and generous in friendships and relationships, with a focus on cultivating a tight-knit friend group rather than a far-reaching web of friends.

A Cancerians loyalty bodes well for them in the business and work space as well, ensuring they complete projects and meet deadlines set for them. However, it’s important to reign in this work-related loyalty to ensure family, friends, and their own health are still a priority.

With such a creative, sensitive soul in mind, we’ve pulled together five of the best nurturing crystals for Cancerians, so that you can buy crystals online for yourself or a loved one with ease.


Charge that creativity and stimulate your mind with the positive vibes of carnelian – a stunning reddish-brown stone that has captivating orange hues.

Carnelian is a great stone to help Cancerians trust their intuition, overcome negativity, and keep their thoughts clear on the road ahead, rather than being weighed down by mental overwhelm.


One of the most prominent stones for any Cancerian to use is moonstone

This milky-white coloured stone supports the more tender, feminine side of Cancerians by amplifying natural intuition, nurturing emotions, and enhancing psychic gifts.

At Crystal & Stone, we have moonstones in a variety of styles, from tumble stones to stars and points, all of which make the perfect companion for the gentle Cancerian.

Red Jasper

This striking red stone is known as the “supreme nurturer” thanks to properties of the stone that promote healing, relaxation and support through stressful times. 

Red jasper protects Cancerians by absorbing negative energy and dispelling negative thoughts, allowing Cancerians to focus on following their dreams, thrive creatively and tackle any issues head on without self-doubt.

We recommend using red jasper in a worry stone – this style of flat, oval-shaped stone can be rubbed or massaged to soothe stress and alleviate worries.

Rose Quartz

Of quartz everyone loves a rose quartz crystal in their life, but Cancerians can benefit from the calming, peaceful energy of the stone. This pink hued stone helps to dispel negative energy, promote self-love, and encourages trust in one’s self. 

For those new to crystals, why not wear a rose quartz bracelet or wire-wrapped pendant to enjoy the power of this stone every day?


Every house needs a vacuum cleaner, right? Well, think of selenite as a vacuum cleaner for the negative energy in your life.

Selenite works well for Cancerians because it can help to communicate more effectively, calm an overwhelmed mind, or simply invigorate the rest of any crystal collection with positive vibes.

Buy Crystals in Australia from Your New Fav Locals

Nurture that sensitive side with a range of crystals from Perth locals Crystal & Stone. 

With a love of crystals – and customer service – behind us, our team is ready to answer any question you may have on which crystal or style of crystal may suit you best.

Plus, you can buy crystals online or in-store at our new HUGE warehouse, with an impressive range of crystals on offer for every person and zodiac sign!

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