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C&S Holiday Gift Guide

Crystal & Stone Gift GuideChristmas shopping can be stressful when you have an abundance for choice. Here at Crystal & Stone we like to think we have something for everything....

Crystal & Stone Gift Guide
Christmas shopping can be stressful when you have an abundance for choice. Here at Crystal & Stone we like to think we have something for everything. I'm Jess, and I've created an easy gift guide to help your Christmas Shopping…

For the New Parent
Item: Ha! Boom Baby! Fertility Support Kit - $30
This kit is great for both expectant parents and new parents. It includes tumbles to help smooth the transitions during both those months of pregnancy and first months of parenting. It also includes tumbles to help connect with the new child and tumbles to help feel supported. Babies always get all the fun gifts so this is a nice gift for just the parent/s.

For the Gym Junkie
Item: Tigers Iron – Various $$$
Turns out iron isn't just for PUMPING! Tigers Iron is a great crystal for inner strength and working towards tough goals, like those you make while working out. We have different forms of Tigers Iron depending on price point and practicality. You could go for a Tigers Iron palm stone to place near their gym supplements to imbue the vibes of the Tigers Iron into them. You could go for a tumble which will easily fit into a pocket, sports bra or gym bag. The great part about our Tigers Iron is it is all sourced locally here in Western Australia. 

For the Person with a New Home
Item: Selenite Candle Pillars - $45
Not everyone is a crystal person which is why this item is so great- it has a practical use too! Selenite is a beautiful cleansing crystal, it will help cleanse a new home; add to the fact that it’s also a candle pillar means it can be used as a source of gentle light too! Pair it with some battery tea lights or scented tea lights and you have a gorgeous house-warming gift!

For the Student
Item: Fluorite – Various $$$
Fluorite is my go-to recommendation for those starting their new schooling journey or about to get stuck into exams. It assists in the focusing of the mind and memory retention, all needed when starting your education journey. Like the Tigers Eye, we carry Fluorite in man different forms. You could go for a pillar to pop on a desk; a worry stone to pop in a pencil case; or even a bracelet to wear to class. Fluorite also comes in many colour options if colour is also a factor to consider.


For the Teacher
Item: Worry Stones - $8
For those who haven’t followed Crystal & Stone for a long time might not know that Dylan used to be a teacher before Crystal & Stone. His favourite thing to hand out to students who were maybe a bit nervous or had some extra energy was worry stones. Worry stones have a divot carved out to make for a nice and discreet fidget tool. We carry Worry Stones in a lot of different crystals dependant on vibes and colours, so there is plenty of choice. “Best Teacher” mugs are so overdone so how about a Worry Stone or two?

For the Self-Care Expert
Item: Rose Quartz Face Roller - $45
Like the Selenite Candle Pillars this item is functional as well as spiritual. Rose Quartz is THE stone for love, including self-love. The face roller is perfect for applying face oils without needing to touch your face. Or pop the face roller in the fridge/freezer to help with morning puffiness. Pair the face roller with a face serum or voucher to a skincare place and you’re sorted!

For the Person Who Has Everything
Item: Workshop ticket or Gift Card– Various $$$
We always have that one family member or friend who seemingly has everything or isn’t into “stuff” so how about an experience for the two of you to share? We host plenty of workshops and classes at various price points and interests. You could attend a relaxing yoga or mediation class; you could learn something new at a workshop or create something together at one of the craft workshops we host. They could also be super picky and that's ok too! A gift card is a sure fire way that they can pick out exactly which crystal they want for themselves. No having to guess which vibe they are after!


With our Black Friday Sale happening now is the perfect time to save a few dollars while Christmas Shopping- take advantage and shop local this Christmas!

Feel free to comment what are some of your favourite go to crystal gifts to give (or recieve)


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