Kiwi Jasper Tumble

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Eating a Kiwi is kind of a terrible experience, the outside is about as furry as my legs, there is no way to eat it that isn’t messy and when you do eat it you get the little seeds stuck in your teeth and then you hurt your tongue trying to pry them out because you’re too lazy to just go get floss. Overall 0/10 would not recommend unless you want your day completely ruined by terrible fruit. Kiwi Jasper on the other hand is the complete opposite, named only due to the resemblance in its looks, Kiwi Jasper encourages helping and nurturing energy and assists us in carrying heavy emotions like when we are helping friends who may be feeling hurt or sad. This stone is great for people who work in healing industries or empaths who just take on everyone’s emotions.


Let’s talk rough and tumbled! These crystals come in all different shapes and sizes. When ordering from this section, ya don’t get to be as choosey. Don’t you worry your pretty little head though, we will pick out a perfect stone for you. Please also note these are natural crystals and stones from the earth, so they won’t always be perfect.