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Strap In; It’s Aquarius Season

Oh, did you think 2022 was going to start out chill? Sorry, it’s Aquarius season. Everyone’s favourite complex crusaders are arriving in a gale of air sign energy. Don’t be...

Oh, did you think 2022 was going to start out chill? Sorry, it’s Aquarius season. Everyone’s favourite complex crusaders are arriving in a gale of air sign energy.

Don’t be fooled by the aqua; Aquarius is the last air sign in the zodiac. Arriving at the start of the year, Aquarius brings the winds of change that just might blow out the dumpster fire that was 2021.

The trouble is, it’s not always easy to predict which way Aquarius breezes are blowing.

Who is an Aquarius?

Date: 20 January – 18 February

Symbol: Water-bearer

Birth Stone: Amethyst, Garnet, Sugilite, Opal, Moss agate, Jasper

Element: Air

Aquarians are often beautiful contradictions. They run at life with a revolutionary spirit that can inspire a community into action, but often separates the Aquarius from the pack in the process.

Aquarians value truth, intelligence, and independence. They’re fiercely idealistic. They’re compassionate. They fight for the cause.

On a good day, they emanate Aquarian icons like Oprah or Harry Styles; humanitarian, ineffable, pretty bloody wonderful humans.

But catch that revolutionary fire in a cross-wind and you might get burned. Aquarians are famously unforgiving, known for keeping their own counsel and bottling up emotions.

Honestly? Sounds a little exhausting. So it’s no wonder Aquarians could start their own Australian crystal shop just trying to balance their wild energy.


It looks like a sweet, soft crystal with diffused blues and swathes of grey. But Aquamarine is a feisty companion for Aquarians’ honest energy.

Think of Aquamarine as your friend who says the things you need to hear, even if you don’t want to hear them. You’ll feel less stressed afterwards, having connected with your true feelings. At the time, though, the idea of such naked honesty is a little terrifying.


Revitalising, inspiring, creative; Emerald is a breath of fresh air to break through the miasma of bullshit.

Working with Emerald is an experience more than a feeling. It’s like stepping stark-naked out of a shower into the cool mountain air, feeling the rush of revitalisation and creativity all over.

We might not have mountains nearby, but you can stock up on lush green emerald from our Australian crystal shop to chase that feeling.


If Aquamarine and Emerald fuel an Aquarian’s fire, Lepidolite is the smooth, purple-hued serenity keeping them level-headed.

Balancing a Lepidolite sphere by your bedside can bring patience and stillness to your nighttime routine. And we’re begging you, dear impassioned Aquarian. Carry some Lepidolite with you for a little calm energy. It’s our only hope of keeping up.


Anyone else a little red in the face right now? An Aquarius somewhere must be laying out the garnet to channel their passions toward…well…passion.

That’s right, lovers. Garnet is the good-time crystal known to give a needed vitality boost in the bedroom.

You won’t find judgement in your friendly local crystal shop. We’re just happy you can use Garnet to stay focused on the job at hand, and channel some of that excitable energy to pleasing someone who deserves it.


After all that excitement, let’s wind down with some calming feminine energy. With its pale milky hues and celestial radiance, Moonstone is so named for the heavenly bodies it embodies.

Like a hug for the mind, Moonstone is a must-have for Aquarians looking to balance gusto with grace.

Blow into your local crystal shop

Bring that beautiful Aquarius vitality our way! The Crystal & Stone warehouse is stocked with all the rejuvenating, relaxing and reinvigorating crystals Aquarians need to weather their season in the sun.

Pop into Australia’s fave crystal shop this weekend or check out a selection of our crystals online.

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