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Perfect Crystals for Pisces Season

Summer temps are starting to cool off, and we’re feeling a little introspective here at Crystal & Stone. It must be Pisces season. Pisces are the first to offer support...

Summer temps are starting to cool off, and we’re feeling a little introspective here at Crystal & Stone. It must be Pisces season.

Pisces are the first to offer support when you need it. That can be to their own detriment, though, because true Pisces have difficulty saying no. As a highly spiritual, deeply empathetic sign, Pisces have a tendency towards self-reflection and, occasionally, internal conflict.

(Hint: that’s where crystals help).

Who is a Pisces?

Date: 19 February – 20 March

Symbol: Fish

Birth Stone: Amethyst

Element: Water

What you see is not what you get with Pisces: still waters run deep, as they say. Under their calm, reflective surface is a multitude of intuitive, intelligent tidal forces tugging at the Pisces’ innate emotional sensitivity.

Pisces, be kind to yourselves. Non-Pisces, support your friends so their compassion doesn’t become a weight on their old souls.

We’re buying crystals for our Pisces pals to reward their empathy, help them express their healing energy, and find a positive creative outlet.

Shop the crystals that support Pisces energy


Working with Amethyst is like getting a sneak-peek into the mind of the wise, empathetic Pisces.

It’s no coincidence that the “stone of the dreamers” is the traditional Pisces birthstone. Even the rich purple hues are manifestly Pisces-esque, full of mystery and uncharted depth, alluring and calming, positive and empowering.

We’ve got Amethyst by the boatload in our online crystal shop and in-store.


You might think your Pisces friend has their head in the clouds. Probably because nobody’s thought to gift them some Ametrine!

The beautiful balance of purple (from Amethyst) and yellow (citrine) tell you everything you need to know, tbh. Ametrine is a force for good, bringing Pisces dreamers back down to earth and focusing their creative energy in a way that benefits everyone around them.


Pisces? Passionate? Get out of here with that nonsense.

Well, passion means different things to different people. Passion can often manifest as a 4am study session or deeply emotional chat over a late-night bevvy for the spiritually conflicted Pisces.

Or it can be straight-up sexy. Whatever floats your boat, Pisces.

Carnelian crystal, burning with bright copper tones, supports Pisces’ passions, whatever form they take.

Black Onyx

Stare into the dark depths of Onyx, and you quickly realise that what seems impenetrable and unknowable is actually a mystery begging to be broken open.

That’s the way with Pisces’ intuition. As a naturally clever but conflicted school of people, Pisces can use the intense onyx energy to progress towards their goals, ignoring the fish swimming in the other direction.

Clear Quartz

The yang to Onyx’s yin, the light after the darkness, clarity after turmoil: that’s Clear Quartz in a nutshell.

Having Clear Quartz nearby can be the much-needed energy boost that helps you achieve your goals, buoyed by feelings of peace, focus and productivity.


Pisces can sometimes get a little wrapped up in their own thoughts. It’s hard carrying the weight of everyone else’s shit while also connecting with a spirituality deeper than most of us can fathom.

Enter: Sodalite.

Let that Pisces flag fly with the self-confidence imbued by this beautiful ocean-hued crystal. Seriously, we all need a little Pisces energy in our lives, so surround yourself with Sodalite stat.

Where to buy crystals for the Pisces in your life

Pisces spend all year exuding empathy and emotional intelligence. By now, they could really use a recharge.

Pop down to the Crystal & Stone shop to see our whole range laid out for the choosing, or browse a few of our favourites like Clear Quartz and Amethyst online.

Whether you’re buying for your mum, a close friend, or the Pisces who should be protected at all costs (Rihanna and Daniel Craig), we’ve got you covered.

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