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Ohhhhmmmmm - Meditation

We all know we should meditate, we are told from everyone that it’s something that we should do to the extent that we are now getting stressed that we aren’t...

We all know we should meditate, we are told from everyone that it’s something that we should do to the extent that we are now getting stressed that we aren’t meditating enough. I didn’t even start meditating (in an official capacity until this year). Yes, I did actions MINDFULLY,  but there is a distinct difference between mindful action and meditation.
When I started meditating I felt like a loser sitting in his room cross-legged trying as hard as I possibly could not to think about anything. The catch 22 of trying not to think about things is that you often think about even more things. I needed some Marie Kondo level lovin' to tidy my thoughts so I could finally spark joy in meditating. 
There are a million and one books on meditation and gurus and masters around the world that are far more qualified to speak on this than I am,  but it wasn’t until I tried these tricks that meditation finally started working for me…instead of forcing myself to like it. 
1.) Meditation looks like a passive act…It is not
Sure you look serene and calm, but inside you are flexing a muscle that you never consciously flex. You are physically doing absolutely nothing and yet your brain will be like WTF  and try to fill up with thoughts and images to encourage you to be active. While you are meditating it is your job to observe with curiosity. To wonder: Why these thoughts coming into my head? Why am I so stressed about that test? Why are is my breathing shallow? Once you’ve acknowledged these thoughts, let them go for now.
2.) Imagine yourself walking down a street. 
I like to imagine when I am meditating, that I am walking down a street into the sunset and each thought that comes into my head is like voices of strangers talking on the street. In life, you wouldn’t stop walking and eavesdrop to their conversation from the bushes, NO (you creep)! You keep walking away and as you distance yourself, the voices go further into the background and quieter until...You can’t hear them anymore or another “thought conversation” comes into your subconscious “earshot” and just like before you’ll continue walking away.  
3.) It’s O.K. to move
This one is pretty basic, but for the longest time, I thought I had to be like a monk in a monastery and sit unmoving with my hands perched on my knees, thumb to index finger for my entire meditation practice.  NEWSFLASH, It’s damn near impossible to meditate if you're uncomfortable (or if you have a pug trying to climb on you). Fix yourself and move when you need to! 
4.) Get your crystals ready
This is my favorite way to work with crystals. MEDITATE WITH THEM! Feel them as you meditate, hold them in your lap or in your palm, if you’re feeling adventurous even placing them along your body. This is a great way to connect to your stone and to feel what kind of vibe it’s giving off! Some people prefer meditating with only specific stones, but I say meditate with whichever stones call to you. 
5.) Remember to breathe 
Breath is such an important part of meditating, whenever you get distracted or get hung up on a "thought conversation" just go back to your breath. If you have to count your breaths to recenter yourself, do it! It's your practice! Sometimes, I count in as odd numbers and out as even until I reach ten and then I restart. 1-in, 2-out, 3-in, 4-out, etc. I do this until I feel recentered in the present moment. 
Don't stress about something that will help you relax... It's like stressing that your holiday won't be enough fun, it's silly! Wishing you all happy meditations and peaceful minds. 
Let today be your best day.
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