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Taking Shape: What form of crystal should I get?

Ok, there is only one question we get more than “Omg, what are your pugs names?”, and that is “What does that shape do?.” I understand, especially if you are...

Ok, there is only one question we get more than “Omg, what are your pugs names?”, and that is “What does that shape do?.” I understand, especially if you are new to crystals, that it is hard to believe that each shape does something different. Sure it is the same stone, but each shape has a certain kind of property to it that makes it unique. 
Think of it as a battery if you will, but instead of an electrical charge, it gives off good vibes and encouraging energy. You can’t power your car with some AA batteries and you wouldn’t carry around a  generator to power your phone. Here is a handy guide to which is which and where to put them. 
Pillars - Think of this as the equivalent of the router providing wifi to the area within your home, except instead of fake news sites, adult websites and a Netflix addiction (we ain’t judging), it provides good vibes. Pillars are fantastic because of the sheer size and energy they provide for a space. The cut is designed this way to point energy upwards and out, filling up all of your space’s nooks and crannies with its specific energy. 
Points/Towers - Points are like mini little generators of energy that fit any size space and provide a lot of power.  These little good vibes batteries have enough juice to fill up a room or space office space and can easily be moved around from place to place. The shape of a point is designed to push energy up and out and fill its surrounding area with your intention. Towers are cut similarly, but instead of 6-8 faceted sides;  Towers have four sides. If you’re familiar with tarot, the Tower card means sudden change. When I  look at my crystal towers I think about that and the change that I am going to generate!
Tumbles - Tumbles are your best friend, they are small in size and therefore easy to carry around in a bag or pocket, to put under your pillow or arrange around a space for a reminder of your intentions, heck I know about 3-4 women who put them in their bras. Ask anyone who has ever used a crystal before and they will probably pull two or three tumbles out of their pockets. There is something so powerful about carrying a stone with a specific intention around with you to remind and reassure you that you are heading in the right direction. 
Roughs/Clusters/Geodes - Some like it rough baby, and so do we! There is something about a naturally forming crystal that is so awe-inspiring and gobsmacking. To think that something so beautiful could come out of the ground raw, natural and beautiful. It reminds me of how people are natural and comes in all shapes and sizes and we are all beautiful! The best part of roughs, clusters, and geodes is that they naturally forming and they radiate a sense of unearthed power. Not to mention they look bomb AF as a decorative piece around the house. We must have like 50 littered around our house. They look amazing. 
Palm Stones - While meditating we often need to refocus our energy.  Feeling the weight of something physical can help refocus your body! Heeeeeere’s Palm Stones! These handy stones (get it, cause you put them in your palm, palm is in your hand…) rest in your palms or along the body and act as weights that ground and focus us during meditation, breathing activities, Savasana in yoga or during goal-setting sessions. These are excellent for keeping our focus on the here and now of intention setting. It a present from the present!
Worry Stones - Need a little more of a helping hand? Need to put your intention at the forethought of your day? Need something to fidget out your feelings? Drum roll foooooooooooooorrr Worry Stones. These act extremely similar to Tumbles, as they can be carried around, but they have the added feature of having a nice little groove that fits a thumb. You can holdout in your hand, rub your thumb on it. Personally I find this makes a practical and yet intentional fidget tool that generally refocusses me on my goals and intentions for the day.
Spheres - I know, walk about a living cliche, “look into my crystal ball and see all the answers, blah blah blah.” No crystal sphere won’t help you see if you’re going to win the lotto, if you’re getting that promotion, if your wife is cheating on you or if you’re going to go bald. What it does do it provides well-rounded energy for your home and something to play with. I know they say you shouldn’t play with your balls in public, but I mean I just can’t help it. It’s just so great and you get the energy and it’s a little bit of fun! 
Hearts  - This is a cut that a lot of people like to have in their home for decorative reasons, the actual heart shape of the stone has little influence on the  energy that  the stone gives off other than a pleasant reminder to always keep the intended energy that we are hoping to create near and dear to our hearts. This is especially true for stones that have a strong focus on love, friendship, healing, and anxiety. 
Merkaba Stars - Traditionally used in Reiki healing, the Merkaba star symbolises moving forward in a positive, loving and light direction with a strong focus on healing energy.  After working with the stars ourselves we find them to be like little batteries for our vibes. They rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit with the energy from that specific stone. Not to mention they are cute AF, fit almost anywhere and make exceptional gifts! I find these are great for putting around the house to add little bits of energy here and there. Kind of like a wifi booster for a room that gets no signal; NBN is great *cue eye-roll*. If you are interested in learning more about sacred geometry, symbols and uses of energy regarding Merkaba Stars check out this blog post by Klaus Klaæ. 
Pyramids - Considered a perfect shape for strength and stability by many cultures, it is only natural that a Pyramid cut stone would encourage such energy. These are also great because they carry with them a prestigious and almost elegant look to them.  They look fantastic on a desk, or on display while still generating energy upwards and outwards. Added the bonus, because of their stable bottoms, they are the best cut to place in an area where they may be bumped!  
I hope that helps you make the best decision for your needs, whether you’re buying a crystal for your home, your office, your display, your pocket (or your bra)! 
Let today be your best day! 
2 comments on Taking Shape: What form of crystal should I get?
  • Jess

    thank you for your break down on each crystal shape this info is so good to know xx

  • Robbie
    RobbieNovember 28, 2019

    Thanks for this breakdown of the different crystal shapes and their uses, Dylan. I’d actually been looking for something like this. I refer to your Crystaldex quite regularly and am quite addicted to reading your posts. Oh, and my pug Auggie sends his love to your pugs.

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