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Leap into Leo Season with Crystals

The strong, creative, confident, and courageous leaders of the zodiac and just like the lion symbol that is represents their star sign, Leos really are the kings and queens of...

The strong, creative, confident, and courageous leaders of the zodiac and just like the lion symbol that is represents their star sign, Leos really are the kings and queens of their jungle. 

It’s hard to miss a Leo in a crowd; they are born leaders who have no trouble making friends and are often quite theatrical and dramatic #dramaking #dramaqueen.

With the heart of a lion comes a personality full of loyalty, warm heartedness, stability, strength, and dominance, as well as weaknesses like self-centredness and stubbornness.

Who is a Leo?
 23 July – 22 August
Symbol: Lion
Birthstone: Peridot or Carnelian
Element: Fire

As headstrong, bold, self-confident, and loyal Lions, energetic Leos can benefit from crystals and stones like Tiger’s Eye, Carnelian (their birthstone), Pyrite, Citrine, and Garnet.

If you’re a Leo that wants to thrive or you want to spoil the Leo in your life with some good vibin’ gifts, you can buy crystals in Australia from Crystal & Stone.

Tigers Eye

Just like the song, Tiger’s Eye is all about rising up and embracing confidence, whether it’s for a job interview or to sing karaoke with someone you’re dating.

In the case of the already confident Leo, Tiger’s Eye can help to support and balance their already abundant self-confidence, grounding the fiery nature of Leos when needed and bolstering their bravery in the thrill of the fight.

At Crystal & Stone, we pretty much have every Tiger’s Eye form you can think of - from wearable Tiger’s Eye pendants to discreet and practical worry stones.


The stunning orange colour of Carnelian is perfectly matched to the fiery personality of a Leo, supporting that natural confidence and courage that Leos are best known for. It is also one of Leos birthstones, along with Peridot. 

Carnelian is perfect for revitalising Leos on their quest to lead from the front, promoting vitality and providing needed energy boost, as well as bolstering that passion and motivation to keep them mentally strong.

This striking stone comes in a range of forms, but two of our favourites at Crystal & Stone are the Carnelian tumbles and pendants. 


Pyrite is a great stone for anyone to use, but it is especially helpful to Leos who want to attract success, money, and positivity to their life. It is known for its ability to protect even the strongest of Leos through tough times by helping to deflect negative energy. Pyrite worry stones are perfect for this use.

This stone is also commonly referred to as ‘fool’s gold’ for its lookalike features to real gold, but little do many miners know this stone is jam-packed with the ability to bring abundance and wealth to the user’s life.

Leos can use Pyrite tumbles to manifest that new job, a promotion or even a pay rise, all while supporting their natural creativity and confidence.


Leos are ruled by the sun, which makes Citrine the perfect crystal to match and enhance the energy, generosity, motivation, and passion of the fire sign. 

Much like Pyrite, Citrine can be used to attract opportunity and abundance. This yellow crystal is one of the most powerful manifestation crystals to use, helping Leos to attract success and focus on the sunny positives in life.

At Crystal & Stone, we have Citrine tumbles, both in natural light and dark colourings, as well as gridding points to help the Leo in your life thrive.


Garnet is a luscious, intriguing deep red stone that is all about motivation, passion, and sexual energy, which works with the natural loyalty, strength, and self-confidence of Leos to help them tick off their goals.

Garnet also helps Leos to remain grounded in relationships and loyal to their partners, with a smidge of sexual energy and passion to keep things fiery.

You can wear Garnet in a bracelet or use Garnet tumbles to make the most of this stone.

Buy Crystals Online Through Crystal & Stone

We’re not lion, you can find a range of high quality crystals in Australia at your new BFF: Crystal & Stone.

Crystal & Stone is a locally owned business from straight outta Perth, WA. We take pride in both our website and our mane store in Wangara, which has been a roaring success so far!

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