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Find Balance with Crystals for Librans

Struggle to make a decision on anything? Avoid conflict at all costs? Known for being the cheerleader for your friends? Strive for things to be balanced and fair? We’d take...

Struggle to make a decision on anything? Avoid conflict at all costs? Known for being the cheerleader for your friends? Strive for things to be balanced and fair?

We’d take a stab and guess you’re a loveable Libra.

Known for their sense of balance and fairness, those born under the Libra star sign are the peacekeepers of families and friendship groups across the planet.

Who is a Libra?
 23 September – 22 October
Symbol: Scales
Birthstone: Opal
Element: Air

As a star sign represented by scales, it probably comes as no surprise that Librans thrive when things are in balance.

A great way to bring balance and stability to every day is through the power of crystals. If you’re new to the world of crystals, Crystal & Stone can help you find five of the best stones for Librans.

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Labradorite is a beautiful blue-green stone that is well-known for its stunning flashes of colour, but beyond that, it is an incredible stone of transformation for Librans.

This stone boosts intuition, helps to relieve stress, and protects Librans as they search for their true calling. 

A freeform labradorite is more than just a showpiece for your home or office, it can be used to fight off negative vibes and help you to access your intuition as you strive for justice.


Cover me in citrine, shower me with good times 🎵 Citrine is the ‘stone of success’, best known for attracting confidence, success, and good vibes.

It’s a stone that most people can find benefit in, but it is particularly helpful for Librans who need to bring balance, purpose, positivity, and joy to each day.

Librans can use citrine to communicate desires, deal with any negativity, and skyrocket those energy levels. Keep a golden citrine tumble in your pocket to use it day to day when necessary.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is the back-pocket-pal you need – empowering Librans to be their best selves even in hard times.

In addition to bringing tranquillity, honesty, and empowering vibes to your day, this stone is also known as the ‘stone of friendship’, supporting you to develop new relationships and take care of your existing ones.

To enjoy the benefits of this stunning blue stone throughout the day, why not wear a lapis lazuli pendant?


This jet-black stone is one of the best protection stones you can find. Tourmaline is all about repelling negative energy – like a shield made out of sunshine – designed to bring peace and grounding to your home and work.

Carry tourmaline in your pocket as a worry stone or place a tourmaline point by the front door to your home to protect your balanced energy. 


Take a little time to dance in the moonlight with the supportive, comforting energy of moonstone. This stone helps Librans to access compassion, connect to intuition, and make fair decisions.

Moonstone is great to use if you are working towards spiritual growth, are manifesting a new beginning, or want to tap into your more feminine side.

Our favourite way to use moonstone is as a worry stone or a geolith – these shapes are perfect for meditating, relieving stress, and calming nerves.

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As a charming, calm, and caring Libra, you seek balance in every corner of your life. Luckily for you, one way to help you achieve balance, zone in on your intuition, and protect yourself from negative energy is with crystals.

At Crystal & Stone, we are all about helping our crystal lovin’ community to thrive – whether you’re a fiery Aries or a quick-witted Gemini, we have a range of crystals and a heap of knowledge to help you live your best life.

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