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Venus is in RETROGRADE!? What does that even mean!?

Whether you are completely new to astrology or you're an avid astrologer, chances are you have heard, "Mercury is in Retrograde", cue all the memes about people blaming the planets...

Whether you are completely new to astrology or you're an avid astrologer, chances are you have heard, "Mercury is in Retrograde", cue all the memes about people blaming the planets for nothing going their way. Mercury in Retrograde seems to have become really mainstream and I think that this because out of all the planets Mercury is associated with communication and technology; both of these things are super saturated in todays society. When something goes wrong with technology it affects our lives and frustrates us so much, like trying to help your parents or grandparents set up their new phone... we love them, but if there is a hell, that's what it is for eternity. I digress... This time around (this is a pun about retrogrades) we are talking about what does that mean?

Well, first let's talk about what a Retrograde is and how it affects a planet's energy. Astrologer Bryanna Collier describes how "Retrograde is used to describe backward motion. Science shows us that all the planets in our solar system move in one direction on elliptical paths around the sun, meaning retrograding planets only appear to be moving in reverse as we view them from our perspective on Earth." In layman's terms it usually means trouble or difficulty in that planet's specific vibe. Mercury is communication and technology. Venus is associated with Love, Beauty, and Sex (and the City). 

When is Venus In Retrograde?
Date: July 22 - September 3
What to expect: Expect difficulties in romantic endeavours, relationships and communicating your needs.
What can I do!?: Keep communication pathways open, be clear and concise on your feelings, allow for more time in your self care routine. 

So, for me personally, I'm married to an air sign, so I'm used to having someone who would prefer to avoid emotional chats, but during this time it is especially important to keep yourself open in communication about your wants, needs, and feelings so that you are best about to communicate what you need from a relationship and love (and lust, no judgements). 

It is also important during this time to protect your heart a little bit by setting up some healthy boundaries because we are all going to be feeling this shift in our love lives. Think of it as a reset, or a shifting of a chapter. 

Here are some crystals that I recommend for reducing the turbulence on this Merry-Go-Round (did you get the pun from earlier yet?). 

Pink Botswana Agate

Pink Botswana Agate helps alleviate that terrifying anxious feeling of not knowing what to do and how to cope with the change. Imagine it like a safety line when you’re rocking climbing. It won’t get you there…you have to do it, but it’ll put your mind at rest knowing you won’t fall on your ass.  This crystal will be helpful as transitions and changes happen within our relationships in the next couple of months. 

Check out the Pink Botswana tumbles here



Let it goooo, let it goooo, you can’t hold onto that emotional baggage anymore! It may be an ex that totally ran over your heart with a truck. It could be your fear that you are going to embarrass yourself if you ever sing again like you did at the office karaoke party. Regardless of what it is, Elsa said it best, you need to let go of fear. Rhodonite is the equivalent of bolt cutters to that emotional ball and chain you’ve been carrying around. This stone helps loosen fears hold on you and allows you to accept your past mistakes, learn from them and give it a go again.

We recommend having a Rhodonite Tower somewhere you spend a lot of time around, that could be in your bedroom, desk, kitchen, living room, ANYWHERE you can surround yourself with that energy.

Rose Quartz

Of quartz everyone loves a rose quartz crystal in their life, but during this time we all can benefit from the calming, peaceful energy of the stone. This pink hued stone helps to dispel negative energy, promote self-love, and encourages trust in one’s self. 

For those new to crystals, why not wear a rose quartz bracelet or a Rose Quartz Pillar Pendant to enjoy the power of this stone every day?

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