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Pink Amethyst

We are going to learn about everyone’s new obsession in the crystal world, the bold and the beautiful Pink Amethyst.

On Wednesdays, we wear pink! Get in losers, we are going to learn about everyone’s new obsession in the crystal world, the bold and the beautiful Pink Amethyst. In this blog post I am going to be writing about a few different things that I think make Pink Amethyst the IT girl in crystals. You’ll learn what Pink Amethyst is, how it is different than other crystals in the same family, the vibe of Pink Amethyst and how you can work with it!



If you’ve ever been interested in crystals, chances are you have a piece (or house full) of Amethyst. It is usually the first crystal we think of when we think about healing crystals of any kind. It is world renowned for calming our energy, mind and body allowing us to find a more peaceful sleep. It is also known for increasing the vividness of dreams and dream manifestation…but, it’s like purple, right? Well yes, usually, but a new crystal has emerged on the scene that has created quite a buzz in the community. Pink Amethyst.

Pink Amethyst is a newly discovered crystal within the same family group as regular Amethyst. It was discovered and mined in 2019 for the first time in a deposit in Patagonia, Argentina! Also because Pink Amethyst is only sourced from one individual site, it makes it quite rare! This version of Amethyst is formed when Hematite enters the crystal during its growing phase. You’re probably thinking, “Wait, wait, wait a minute Dylan, if it’s Hematite entering the crystal, wouldn’t that be like Hematoid Quartz?” To which, I say, well done for doing your homework, but not quite!



You’ve done your homework, so I had to do mine! Let’s get scientific with it! What is the difference between Rose Quartz, Hematoid Quartz, Amethyst and Pink Amethyst? Well to boil it down, it all comes down to crystalline formation type and what happens during the growing phase. Firstly, Rose Quartz is anhedral, meaning it forms with no well-formed crystal facets but rather with a mineral grain texture i.e., it looks like a rock it gets it’s pink from pink borosilicate fibre inclusions. Hematoid Quartz is also anhedral but contains microscopic Hematite particles giving it it’s reddish colour. Amethyst on the other hand is euhedral, meaning it forms with easily recognised facets i.e., it looks like a typical crystal. Pink Amethyst also shares this euhedral faceting but includes those microscopic Hematite particles changing it from purple to pink!



Now that we’ve got the nerdy stuff out of the way, what is Pink Amethyst good for and how can I use it? Being so new (2019), the crystal world is still kind of experimenting with it. I’ve talked with other crystal connoisseurs, and they find because it is so new it gives off the vibe that “the best is yet to come”, but personally given that 2020 and COVID happened right after I don’t think that’s a good meaning. When I work with Pink Amethyst, I get that it is a crystal of heart opening, especially during scary or stressful times. I recommend Pink Amethyst when people are going into new relationships can be super exciting, your heart can be all butterflies and rainbows. It can be a magical time, but it can also be very scary. It is hard to trust someone new with something as precious as your heart. Unfortunately, not opening up because you’re afraid to get hurt again is like a self-fulfilling prophecy for loneliness and pain! Pink Amethyst. Like, its purple cousin, it provides calm and peace of mind, reducing levels of stress and anxiety, but with a specific focus on the heart. It truly is a beautiful stone and the energy that it gives out is beautiful as well.



Whenever working with Pink Amethyst, I have opted to use it as a display, this is usually because the pieces that have come out of Argentina are larger and because there is such a limited supply there are not as many tumbles, or smaller pieces available. To me, Pink Amethyst settles nicely into a space like the bedroom (or powder room if you’re fancy) or any space that you practice self-care and self-love. I believe these spaces are the best to have Pink Amethyst because it helps nourish that trust, heart healing and calm in a space where you are spending a lot of time taking care of yourself. 

Whatever vibe you get from Pink Amethyst or wherever you think you’d want to display it, we can all agree that it is a beautiful, rare and amazing crystal. It radiates positive energy and would make a great addition to any collection.

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  • Roz

    Great blog and hoping to get to British Natural history museum to seek out some rare crystal samples soon! Dylan’s crystal audio book next please so I can listen and work!

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