Pink Halite Cluster

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Ok sweetie, it is time for some real talk. You need to stop beating yourself up over the stupidest sh*t. Yes, I said it, you take things to heart too easily, you feel freakin’ anxious about it, you beat yourself up more, you feel guilty as all hell and then you feel bad about yourself; thus, the cycle continues. You could feel guilty and sh*tty about yourself or you could own your choices and move past this shame cycle that only hurts yourself. YOU ARE EFFING AMAZING! YOU’RE MADE OF STARDUST AND GIFTED WITH CONSCIOUSNESS! YOU’RE SMILE LIGHTS UP A ROOM! Time to grow up and glow up boo! Ok, so now that I’m finished doing my morning mirror pep talk, I can tell you about Pink Halite! JK! JK! Pink Halite is your crystal companion on your journey of growth away from guilt and anxiety towards a place of acknowledging your own self-worth. This crystal grows in extreme conditions in only a few places around the world and its vibe encourages us to keep fighting past those feelings that tell us we aren’t enough. It is also an incredibly fickle stone, being sodium based it does not fair well in humid environments (humidity might start to dissolve it). To keep your Halite feeling fine, keep it in a dry area. Enjoy the complex pink cubic crystalline structures as you explore your own self.

You will receive the exact piece photographed, colour may vary slightly depending on the lighting.