Crystal Gridding for Kids - 8th April

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Calling all young crystal enthusiasts! Join us for an enchanting one-hour workshop where kids will embark on a magical journey into the world of crystal gridding. In this hands-on session, children will learn how to create their own unique crystal grids, harnessing the power of crystals to manifest their dreams. 

Guided by CRYSTAL & STONE owner, Dylan, participants will explore:

  • Meanings of common crystals.
  • The importance of trusting your intuition when choosing crystals.
  • Visualisation techniques and creating their own crystal grids with materials provided. 
  • Each participant will also leave with a small bag of crystals to make their own grids at home. 

Get ready to ignite your imagination, unleash your inner creativity, and experience the wonders of crystal energy!

Open to ages 6-10. No prior experience with crystals or gridding is necessary. Children are encouraged to bring their imagination and enthusiasm for exploration. 



What ages can attend?

This workshop is suited for ages 6-10

Can I get a refund if I can no longer attend?

You can receive a refund if you inform us 48 hours prior to the workshop.

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